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Effective Dog Training With the Remote Dog Training Collar

Effective training for proper behavior can often be difficult without the dog on a leash. However, leash training is not possible at all times and in all places as well as not being as effective as a dog owner will like it to be. The good news is that animal experts have come up with a useful way to overcome the deficiencies of leash training - the Remote Dog Training Collar.

Just as its name implies, this special type of collar can be operated via remote means such that there is no need for any kind of physical containment measures like a long leash or a perimeter fence. There are two pieces of equipment composing this training device, the electronic dog collar and the remote control or the transmitter.

The dog wears the training collar around its neck and the owner holds the remote control in his hand.
Certain buttons on the transmitter can be pressed to send the signal to the collar to deliver a specific type, level and intensity of aversive stimulus like a beep or an electric shock or both in succession. Used as the negative reinforcement part of the training, the warning sounds and the ultrasonic or mild electric pulses will create to your dog an unpleasant and startling sensation, making it to cease the activity or behavior you consider to be improper at the moment.

Using a remote dog training collar allows the owner to easily control the dog and this is benefic for both of them.

• With the help of the collar the owner can save the life of his dog and of other animals, even people.
Dogs running free can cause different types of mishaps, like the car accidents that may end with injuries or even death. Or it may be that the dog starts to chase other animals that may put either one's life and limb in danger.

With the training collar, the pet owner can press the button to deliver the necessary level of electric shock to the dog's collar. The goal of the aversive stimulus is to startle the dog, so it ends its improper activity and focuses on your command.

• You can train your dog in open spaces with no fence or leash.

After all, not every owner will want his dog to be constantly confined to a physical barrier like a leash when it can run free to interact with its surroundings, socialize with other dogs and familiarize himself with other people as well as get its fair share of exercise. Keep in mind that proper socialization is important in a dog's good development.

For example, you and your dog are in a public park for training purposes in that you want to train your dog to behave well even without a leash to control his actions. You could say that the remote dog training collar is a sort of an invisible leash.

So, how far does a Remote Dog Training Collar work? Most collars will work for a minimum of 100 yards although other models will operate at a distance of 500 yards. Let’s hope that you don’t need more.

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