Bar Handle Reels Penn

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Bar Handle Reels Penn

Entering Into The Custom Home Bar Mirror Dream

Slowly I got down the Berber carpet stairway watchfully holding onto the railing. Reaching the lower level bar I looked at myself for a moment in the different bar wall mirrors . I saw the phrase "The fun never ends" etched into the bottom of the mirror. Is it at all times a party? How long can the fun last? Certainly it was a pleasurable evening. Some pals had gathered at my site to share a meal, some memories, and a few drinks.

I notice a tired middle-aged guy looking back at me from the bar mirror and question my desire for a nightcap. Exhausted, I settled onto the couch and turned on the television. I found something relaxing to view, hoping it would send me calmly off to dreamland. I must have drifted off since I began to dream. "This has to go. The presenter of the home improvement TV show was in my house with me, walking around and pointing out the faults. He pointed to the roof, showing me the cracks. He starts to claw at the roof with his hammer. In an instant, he was pulling down pieces of the ceiling, exposing wood and bare pipes. I panicked slightly as he shattered the roofing, but he was calm about it. We were standing next to my home-based bar. David Bromstad, title-holder of season 1 Design Star and presenter of Color Splash: Miami, suddenly appears at the bar. "I'll have to test it out before I make my final verdict," he stated. I poured two strong measures of whiskey over ice and passed him one of the glasses.

We drank our drinks, applauding the bar. "The only thing I would alter about this room is the color," he stated, still sipping. "Honestly, you are going to leave this space painted tan?" Suddenly, he had a paint roller in his hand and was painting the walls a vibrant green. We completed the entire room pretty fast, something I could never do in my waking life. When our painting was finished, we went back to the bar for a second drink. He sipped his drink and expressed, "See, this room just required a fresh coat of paint."

I work my way over to the bar, suddenly quite self-conscious about the lack of style in my large family room. The absence of Ralph Lauren paint or designer curtains was the least of my concerns. Even in my dream, I felt shamed at my lack of panache! Once again, we were back in my home-based bar. He stopped before the bar mirror and expressed, "This is outstanding." He commended the custom etched mirror. David Bromstad agrees. "An amazing thing like that truly takes this to the next level and makes it feel authentic", he expressed admiringly. Holmes snorts, catches hold of a chainsaw and cuts my bar in half. He didn't seem disturbed about what he was doing at all. I reached up and touched my face, discovering I was donning a pair of protective eye specs.

Then, a voice came out of nowhere, like a personal voiceover. The voiceover stated, "Will the Johnsons pick the Victorian fixer-upper, the house with the big back yard, or the townhouse with half a bar and striking, individualized bar mirrors?"

I feel a minor shaking feeling and comprehend my wife is standing over me, shaking me by the shoulder. She turned the television off. "I need to watch which house the Johnsons selected," I told her hazily. She looked at me like I was foolish. "Oh, the TV show…they selected house number three," she told me.

As I move back up the stairs I smile knowing it was the sawed off bar and individualized bar mirrors that they couldn't resist.

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