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Conventional Fishing Penn

Deconstruct The Classic Filipino Recipes

Filipino food recipes. It's without doubt the Filipinos’ most beloved topic. Cooking food and enjoying a meal has been the heart of any family gathering. Whether it's inside a classy bistro or even at our own grandparent's home, we relish our meals with passion. Our favorite food will always be those cooked by our mothers or fathers, with no other food able to rival it. Still, a regularly repeated issue is, “Exactly why no Filipino food crafted its mark in the international arena?”

Stephanie Zubiri, head chef of The (MEK) Modern Epicurean Kitchen, says how the depth of Filipino recipes, that lies in its communal and informal sense, could also be its Waterloo. “Filipino dishes isn't worried about serving courses, everything is taken to the family table at once. It is made without fresh herbs to flush the palate or maybe to top the dish as garnish.”

Classic Filipino food also is lacking in in elegant delivery. “The issues in marketing is due to the point that our food seems to be basic. Keep in mind, you eat with your eyes!” This specific feature can be attributed to our country’s absence of royal history, claims Stephanie, a History and Geography graduate student from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne. “Before the Spaniards came, everything we had were small kingdoms. If you have a royal family, your food grow to satisfy the king and queen.” For example, Thai dishes always has fancy designs and carvings in their food of flowers and animals. Japanese dishes is renowned for exceptional presentation with fanned cuts, sculptured vegetables, making use of the plate as a frame of a wonderful picture.

Properly trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris in culinary and oenological arts, Stephanie takes this as a test in her enterprise, the MPK or Modern Epicurean Kitchen. “We should open up our dishes to be more appetizing and exciting. This enables us to become imaginative and deconstruct the classic recipes and blend it with assorted flavors to enrich its original taste.”

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