Conventional Reel Penn

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Conventional Reel Penn

Powder Coatings Top Traditional Liquid Coatings

It is likely that the bicycle that you ride, or the seat that you sat in while at the soccer field or maybe your office desk chair have a powder coating on just about all or a few of their parts. Powder coating, which is tougher compared to using traditional paint, acts as a “skin” that shields the underlying plastic or metal from external harms. Unlike liquid coatings, powder coatings do not require a solvent, an ingredient that melts a different substance to form a solution. This kind of finish is a dry powder that is applied by using a gun that electrostatically charges the powder particles. This causes the particles to jump off one another and distribute evenly when exiting the nozzle of the gun. Following this stage, the item is then warmed from 160 to 210 degrees Celsius depending upon the type of powder. The heat makes it possible for the powder to liquefy and set into a consistent layer over the item.

Both plastic materials along with metals get powder coatings, a $5.8 billion industry in 2010. This kind of specialty coating is a lot more strong, thicker and is available in a range of hues. It is also put on in many different textures and finishes and additionally, it will not run like a liquid coating. Ultimately an item which has a powder coating appears to be much more evenly covered throughout its vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Regarding the environmental aspect, powder coatings generate less harmful waste and give off minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if any at all. Being a powder, the overspray of this kind of coating can be recycled, thus almost 100% of the coating can easily be used. In general, powder coating has a smaller carbon foot print in comparison with liquid coating.

Powder coating is really a smarter more effective technology. It offers much more selection in terms of surface finishes, it covers materials much more completely and smoothly and is also considerably more environmentally friendly when compared with using a traditional paint product.

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