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How To Make Deep Fried Turkey For Thanksgiving

October is the perfect month to practice making deep fried turkey for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. If you've never had the fun of deep frying a turkey before, then it's a good idea to get some practice under your belt. By practicing well ahead of time then your family won't be tired of turkey when Thanksgiving rolls around.

Go find the turkey fryer from wherever you stored it - the attic, the basement, the garage - and clean up it all ready for use. Haven't got one yet? That's okay. You can find many, many different kinds either online on in the stores. The next step is to buy some oil. Peanut oil is usually recommended but make sure that no one has a peanut allergy. It's also a good time to look up some recipes for some dry rubs you might want to season your turkey with.

Now let's get the trial run started. You don't really want to wait until the pressure of Thanksgiving Day to try deep frying a turkey for the first time. It should be a time to be thankful for your wonderful friends and family. Not a time to be worrying if you'll be able to cook the turkey right.

If you deep fry a turkey more than a month early you'll be much more comfortable doing it Thanksgiving You'll be working with five gallons of boiling oil so, trust me, you want that confidence level.

Getting things ready also means checking that your propane tank is full and making sure you have a fully charged fire extinguisher handy. Now get together all the necessary equipment as well as your gloves and goggles. Keep everything together so it's easy to find for Thanksgiving as well.

Don't forget that when you deep fry your turkey there aren't going to be any drippings you can use to make gravy. So think about what you're going to use to make the gravy. Perhaps you already use the neck and giblets as a base for your gravy. Or, you can rely on ready-made gravy. A deep fried turkey is really juicy, but odds are that you and your guests would still like to have a traditional gravy. Be sure to plan ahead.

Whether this is your first attempt at deep frying a turkey or even if you've done it many times before, having a practice run is a good idea. It will help to make Thanksgiving a little more relaxed and enjoyable With advance preparation you can count on your day going smoothly. And, that's certainly something to be thankful for.

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