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Deep Sea Penn

Don't Be Fooled By The Price Of Any Book.

Sometimes the cheapest books suck. Do expensive books suck? Sometimes It does not mean a book is going to be great just because you buy a book from a well known author. In fact some of the cheapest books from unknown authors can be a million times better than from famous writers.

One of the cheapest books, and one of the best is Creator by M A Hills. I don't know how many times I have been disappointed with expensive books, but with a book like this you can not go wrong. If you don't like it you certainly won’t go broke.

I think any one might like this book. The story: the pagan, Olympia gods send their version of Jesus to earth at the time Jesus is born. The odd thing is that they have no plans for the pagan saviour, and he himself does not know the purpose of his life, he is lost, and he gets into some real trouble: raised by a terrorist, and being taught to lie and be evil, he is driven by a secret curse to become a mortal god.

This story is wacky in a good way. Its quite crazy. But it is profound. It is also incredibly entertaining too, and original, and inspirational. The part that I love: it is definitely one of the cheapest books.

Its worth a lot more in my opinion. I’d pay top dollar for it.

Creator is probably not a story for weaklings. It might not be right for the mainstream readers. I think it does appeal to an alternative crowd, to people who are interested in spiritual matters, who are close to waking up, of becoming enlightened.

But there is a strong entertaining linear storyline, that is funny, and exciting, with a lot of good old fashioned twists and turns as well. But Creator is also a story that delves into the realm of mythical literature. It has double meanings, and deep symbolism, and offers more.

This is a story that can stimulate your brain, and because it is one of the cheapest books around, your wallet will be happy too. Creator has it all, including the price.

Does the price of the book matter? Don't be fooled. The cheapest books, although written by unknowns, might very well be the best read of your life! Readers, be brave!

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