Drag Reel Penn

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Drag Reel Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Assessment: Okuma Magnetix 45L star drag boat reel

In my opinion, there is something really tempting about sea angling. As a fervent fisherman, I really get pleasure from all kinds of angling, nonetheless, I have to say that going out to a breezy shore and casting a line out on the water is my favourite kind of fishing. For the reason that salt and sand may be detrimental to my fishing tackle, I constantly endeavour to buy the most excellent sea fishing tackle that my budget will allow. I also enjoy reading reviews of gear I'm thinking about buying. I have discovered, that the very best kinds of reviews always are written by folks that have employed the very rods and reels they are making statements about. Considering that, I want to give you a review on a reel I have acquired as of late: the Fin-Nor Marquesa. Read on to learn why it quickly has become on of my favourites.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Chief Aspects of the Fin-Nor Marquesa Reel

The Marquesa is equipped with a trustworthy carbon-fibre drag system, and also a modifiable lever drag. Its clicker tension can be adjusted via a dial, plus the fishing reel is fixed with an ergonomic crank handle, which is a little, yet significant facet. Dual retrieve ratios (these are 6.1:1 and 3.1:1) offer lots of alterability and command. Fin-Nor is staying with the trend of light, quick, as well as hard-wearing fishing tackle by producing reels with an ideal mix of sturdiness, exactitude, and sophistication. Even another main facet of the Marquesa fishing reel is the fact that it is available in 2 versions: a two-speed and a single speed. All these features converge to make this reel ideal for fishing with today's thinner, high-tech braided lines.

Sea Fishing Tackle: More About the Marquesa Reel

Don't get me wrong: This fishing reel is quite pricey. Depending on model, expect to spend about £300 for a model in the middle of the range. There's a lot to like about this elegant reel. It is built with lightweight but strong 6061-T6 aluminium which is machined with exactitude. This material is an extra-strong alloy which is excellent for utilisation in sea fishing tackle. 6061-T6 aluminium has medium to high strength. It is exceptionally durable, and has a nice surface coat. Its most notable feature, though, is excellent corrosion resistance to salt air and sea water. In addition, it can be anodised, which is a process that renders a metal's surface harder and more durable. This type of aluminium is widely available, and easy to weld, work, and braze.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Other Data on Fin-Nor Marquesa Reel

This particular fishing reel has got a remarkably durable drag system which outshines a lot of the other ones in its grouping, some which are more heavy and larger sized. The Marquesa has got a single-piece machined and forged aluminium type frame, spool, and gear side cover. With six ball bearings and one roller clutch bearing, the reel delivers amazing smoothness under load. The drag system is comprised of carbon fibre washers, which add to the overall superior quality of the reel.

Considering how sea fishing tackle, goes, this is a superior reel. Like one of my fishing buddies said, "Marquesa has big fish stopping power in a very refined package." I whole-heartedly stand behind it!

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