Fishing Nice Penn

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Fishing Nice Penn

Five Star Holidays: Leading Resorts

For those intending on spending a little more on their accommodation when on holiday, there are two locations that arguably boast the best hotels to stay in. Las Vegas has to be a strong contender, this small town in the middle of an arid desert has grown to become both a financial and tourist powerhouse, defying even the recent dip in the economy as it pulls in ever more visitors.

Las Vegas holidays are something that can be tailored to any situation: there are hotels to suit individuals, couples, honeymooners or family groups, and there is usually a theme hotel that will appeal. Within the larger hotel-casinos you will probably have everything that you need for an amazing stay, and the staff will be eager to arrange anything for you that you could want to ask for, but it would be a shame not to venture out to one of the other famous casinos whilst you are there.

Give yourself a fixed budget to spend on the tables or slot machines, and resign yourself to the task of enjoying yourself whilst losing it. You may be tempted to try out the famous hospitality at the casinos. You will get complimentary drinks whilst you are gambling at the machines or tables, but don't have too much or you may well spend more than you originally intended.

Holidays to Vegas need not necessarily be all about gambling however. Las Vegas has a range of show attractions, rides and tourist tours, as well as being a not-insignificant location for gourmet experts with the luxury hotels each providing a unique menu created by internationally-acclaimed chefs.

The next obvious choice for luxury hotel accommodation would be Dubai. Home to some of the most architecturally-advanced hotels built in the world, Dubai holidays can give you a taste of the future in one of the incredible modern hotels in the city, before delving into the shopping arcades and the world famous gold souk, where you can purchase high quality gold items at government regulated prices.

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