Fishing Reel Part Penn

Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on November 14, 2011

Fishing Reel Part Penn

Penn International Torque 100: The Most Advanced Classic Fishing Reel You Can Own

The Penn International Torque 100 is considered the correct reel to purchase should you be looking for a reel that is perfect for the 21st century anglers. It's not only newly crafted, it also has the toughness of all the preceding models of Penn fishing reels combined. You dispose the need of having new reels every month.

The Penn International Torque 100 is made from strong aluminum alloy and a forged and machined frame, side plates and spool. It's guaranteed to work nicely even if the fish that you're attempting to hook puts up a very good challenge. It won't jam nor cause the fishing line to snap. It could definitely last a tough match with a struggling fish. It's also very efficient if you're attempting to reel in large bottom fishes which can be quite the swimmers.

Additionally, you will learn that these features can certainly lead you to catch a lot more fish. It's not necessary to exert that much effort into reeling the fish in. Since it has a stainless steel reel stand, it's not necessary to worry too much either. Moreover, it has a Versa-drag,Multiple Drag-stack Arrangement which prevents auto-reverse mode in cases where the fish puts up with a struggle. Aside from reducing the additional load from your side, you will be aware of how possibly humane it is to catch dishes.

Whether or not the Penn International Torque 100 is made of stainless aluminum alloy, it is still very transportable when compared to other fishing reels that claim to be made out of the same. It is very simple to pack up and carry around. Also, it has an oversized, soft grip handle. Because of this, control is effortless and simple. The handle won't slip from your hands as it is really bigger than it should but not in a bulky way. It is more likely that fishing would be a pleasurable experience since the hands are more relaxed.

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