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Fishing Reel Penn

The Reason Why Marlin Fishing Charters Make A Great Trip

Marlin fishing charters make excellent vacations for those who like offshore fishing. Marlin are very challenging and the excitement of these trips are far greater than other trips of this type. Activities associated with charter trips can be enjoyed with little trouble on the part of the customer. Different trips have different features. Features vary, as does the cost, assistance provided and extras that may come with the package. Decide the features you want and compare the costs.

The Ultimate Challenge

Going for this fish is considered the ultimate challenge by many fishermen. The size, strength and rarity of this species make it a super enjoyable experience. It takes lots of strength and skill to land one. It is imperative to know the location of possible sightings. This is best known by those who are daily involved in it such as those who conduct trips designed to catch this specific fish.

Specific Techniques

Knowing specific techniques for landing one is imperative as well. It is not an easy catch and certain techniques can help the fisherman be successful. Also, due to the huge effort and hours it can take to land just one means it is good to have someone who can help when fatigue sets in. Also, having someone offering encouragement helps as well.


Knowing where the best locations are is also important. Someone with experience can better identify good locations through experience and studying possible locations. All species of marlin inhabit tropical waters. They spawn here as well. Some of the species never leave the warm waters but some migrate during certain seasons. Knowing and being aware of normal habits can help locate them easily.


The huge size of these fish makes them an exciting, challenging catch. Fishermen's tales are notorious for exaggerating size of the "big one that got away". However, official reports have noted females as large as 1000 pounds. This dimorphic species, meaning there is a visual difference between males and females, has been known to have males of up to 300 pounds and females of up to 1000 pounds. Sightings have been known in the past to reach as much as 2000 pounds. However, with the commercialism now rampant, such huge ones are probably no longer possible.


Choosing to charter a special trip can make a very special vacation. Experienced crew members can help with sighting good specimens. Their experience can also help in learning good methods of catching them and where their locations are. The trip can be enjoyed with very little effort on the part of the customer. Necessary quality gear and equipment will be provided. Excellent boats can be obtained as well. Extras such as meals, trained crew, and sightseeing are also available with some trips.


These tours for catching the most challenging fish available are enhanced by the beautiful crystal blue waters and the luscious green rain forests. Warm sunny climates make this a most pleasant vacation spot. You stay in a luxurious hotel will further add to your enjoyment. The price is well worth it.

If you desire a sports fishing vacation, the marlin fishing charters are what you need. Even those who don't particularly enjoy the sport will enjoy the beauty and peace of this location. Check out all the Guatemala sportfishing packages to find the ones that have features you want. Book your trip and them sit back and enjoy that perfect tropical vacation.

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