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Game Fishing Penn

Should You Be Looking To Get A Game System You Might Want To Consider The Playstation 2

You may have realized that every time a new video game console comes out, that is what your children say they need to have. I don't know if you remember fondly the Atari 2600, but that was the first video game I ever owned. Of course when I first got it, I would play that game for hours on end. Nowadays we all are all over our kids about turning of the games and going out in order to get some physical exercise. Then after all that we normally get them the new game anyway so they will leave us alone. For anyone who is one of the few men and women who have not yet gotten a video game system you may want to consider the playstation 2.

The very first thing you should realize is that the playstation 2 is much less expensive than the playstation 3. For around $100, you will be able to get this from Amazon and they'll even ship it to you for free. In the event you made a decision to order the ps3 through Amazon you will find that you will be paying $300. Although the ps3 can in fact play your DVD's, this doesn't seem to be really worth the extra $200.

A lot of you will be under the bogus impression that there are no new games for the ps2. A thing that you may be shocked to learn that they are still creating games for this unit. The games themselves also cost less than the ps3, as the ps3 games are available for up to $60, the video game titles for the ps2 can be found for about $10. Once you break it down you will understand that for the exact same money you can obtain 5 ps2 games or only one game for the ps3.

While the video game titles for the ps2 might be older, this is really a good thing since you may discover that these games are games that your children have already played. Mainly because the video game titles might be something they've played before, they may decide to go outdoors as the games will not be as exciting anymore. Even though this is simply no promise, it makes perfectly good sense in my opinion. Once you think about it, if you were to be playing the exact same game again and again you will get bored. And if they tell you that they are sick and tired of all the video game titles they have you can just go to the store and pick up one more $10 game for them rather than shelling out 50 bucks.

While these are just my personal opinion, these are generally pretty good reasons to get the ps2. Honestly, I ordered the playstation 3 when it first became available and wound up putting it on e bay to get rid of it. I then went back to my ps2 and have never wanted a different gaming system since. You could find the playstation 2 in some stores but they may cost more compared to if you order it from amazon. When you want to get the very best price on the console and the video game titles you should check it out on Amazon.

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