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Handle Reels Penn

How Do I Get a Handle on My Jealousy so I can Get My Ex Back?

Is jealousy becoming a problem in your relationship?? Is it causing serious problems? Has it already caused a breakup? Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to get under control. But there are things you can do to rein it in once and for all so that you can get your ex back for good this time.

There are a few things you can do that will make a huge difference in how you handle the jealous feelings you're having. Keep these in mind as you work to improve yourself so you'll have a better chance to get your ex back.

Become the Better Choice

More often than not, jealousy is the result of a shortfall of confidence. While it's not in your best interest to suddenly become cocky or arrogant, the odds are good that there are a few shortcomings you perceive in yourself. Whether they are physical, financial, or cultural in nature it's time for you to really make an effort to kick your life up a notch and become the better person.

This way, whenever jealousy threatens to rear its ugly head and rain on your parade you'll find that you really do have the upper hand. Keep in mind that there is always going to be someone who is thinner, richer, or more sophisticated. The person you love chose you as you are. If you are good enough in the eyes of the one whose affections you seek, that should be good enough to keep your jealousy away.

Figure Out Why You're Really Jealous

Are you jealous of others because they have something you don't? Are you insecure in your relationship? Do you believe that you're unworthy of your partner's love and affection somehow? Is it about fearing that your partner will stray or coveting the attention your partner pays to other people?

Getting answers to WHY you are jealous can help you get to a place where you are no longer struggling with jealousy all the time.

Most relationship problems, including jealousy, come down to one of two things. It's generally either a lack of respect and admiration or it's a lack of appreciation. It's doubly hard when it seems to you that your ex is showing more appreciation or admiration to someone else than he/she shows to you.

But, jealousy is not the solution to this particular problem.

If you really want to end the negative jealous emotions that are tearing your world and your relationship apart once and for all there is one thing you've got to do.

Stop the Insanity of Comparisons!

It really does come down to a Susan Powter 'Stop the Insanity!' moment. You have to make the decision to stop comparing yourself and your partner to everyone else. You have to stop believing the worst about both of you.

Instead of comparing yourself and your girlfriend, it's time to do a little soul searching instead. Start mining for gold within yourself. Figure out what your best features are and then decide how to take them and make them bigger, better, faster, and more.

But that will only help you have a better go of things once you manage to get your ex back. The real challenge lies in actually getting back together with your ex. You're going to need a little help to break down the walls that have been built between you. Watch this FREE video -> http://www.getyourexbacknow.com/just_break_up3.html to learn the opening move that has helped more than 50,000 people in situations just like yours get back the loves of their lives. Perhaps it can help you too!

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