Level Wind Penn

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Level Wind Penn

Building a Better Page Rank

Have you been wanting to take your WordPress Blog to the next level and increase page rank? If you replied, "yes" to that question, then you will find this article highly informative. Once you understand how to raise page rank you will be able to take your WordPress Blog to the next level. Boosting your site's page rank isn't rocket science; it's really simple. Success won't happen overnight but if you are strong dedicated to do the work which is required it will happen! It's time to roll up your sleeves and take action.

The social bookmarking WordPress Blogs (think Digg, StumbleUpon, etc) all have super high page ranks and the WordPress Blogs submitted to them can only be helped with that submission. The WordPress Blogs offer a great way to make a connection with your target audience if you are able to put up a good sort of content. This means that you have both direct and indirect ways to raise your page rank through social bookmarking WordPress Blogs. How does that work? First of all, the sites that you're submitting to are in themselves highly valuable with a good page rank. Next, the people who are reading these WordPress Blogs use these sites as resources. If your WordPress Blog has something real to offer it won't take long for lots of other sites to link to you and help you get a higher page rank. Be absolutely sure to tag your bookmarks correctly and use the best keywords.

Whatever you do, do not use copied content on your WordPress Blog . All content should offer value to the reader and should be original. Google wants to see sites with original content. You should make it a rule for yourself to never use copied content from anywhere, even if the content is your own. Don't cut corners and use copied content. You don't want your WordPress Blog to fall out of grace with Google.

The reason is simple, they want to give real value to their users; if your content is not original and relevant, it would defeat the overall purpose and aim of Google. SEO

Do any of your friends or acquaintances have WordPress Blogs?

Honest, ethical friends with high page rank WordPress Blogs can be your best friends while you're working to boost your page rank higher and higher so be sure to ask them to send a link or two your way. Make sure you also ask, if you know them well enough to impose, to refer your WordPress Blog to their friends and contacts. The trick here is to reach out to as many people as possible, without going through a rigid cold calling process. As difficult as it seems, this one step can be responsible for massive improvements in page rank. It's a slow process to build a better page rank. If you're angling for top spot on Google's page ranking list then these are the first steps you need to take. Don't forget that there are other factors that have an impact on how well your WordPress Blog ranks with Google. These tips in addition to making sure you provide the highest quality content on your WordPress Blog at all times will go a long way to helping you reach your goals.WordPress SEO

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