Lever Drag Reel Penn

Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on December 3, 2011

Lever Drag Reel Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Review: The Penn 320LD Multiplier Lever Drag Boat Fishing Reel

Sea Fishing Tackle Overview: The Penn 320LD Multiplier Lever Drag Boat Fishing Reel

Whenever I was a small child, I was mysteriously drawn to the sea. Even as a grown-up, this enthrallment carries on in the form of sea fishing. I consider it really thrilling to be standing on a seashore or rocky promontory, glancing out across the ocean, just realizing the fish are there, waiting around to be snared. Awareness is certainly not enough, however. Even though I do fish from the shoreline, more frequently I travel out in my small-scale fishing boat to try the water. For rough sea fishing excursions, you need to have the very best sea fishing tackle one can pay for. This is a bit of information concerning one of my most liked sea fishing reels, the Penn 320LD multiplier lever drag boat reel.

Regarding the Penn 320LD Multiplier Lever Drag Boat Fishing Reel

First of all, I really want to focus upon the necessity of light weight in a fishing boat reel. A fisher must be able to keep moving about the boat easily, so his reel should weigh as little as it possibly can. At merely 21 ounces, this reel fits the bill quite efficiently. A lightweight reel leaves me free to react swiftly and shift position easily as the battle advances. In addition, the usage of a lightweight reel really helps to stop me from becoming worn out on those exceptionally long angling adventures. Whenever I was looking to find a boat reel, I chose a Penn Model, basically owing to the business's good reputation for delivering reels which endure a great deal of punishment but still give excellent results.

Features of the Penn 320LD Multiplier Lever Drag Boat Reel

I'm fond of lever drag reels and this Penn doesn't disappoint. It features an exceptionally powerful yet superbly smooth drag system. The 320LD features four stainless steel aircraft quality ball bearings and also a stainless steel pinion gear. The primary gear is manganese-bronze for the highest level of corrosion prevention. Penn is doing a good job handling the weight problem by making use of a high-tech, light-weight graphite frame is actually as useful as it is nice-looking. The spool is produced from aluminium that's been anodised. Anodisation, by the way, is a way to try to make aluminium more durable and sturdier. Without getting too scientific, I will mention that in the anodisation experience, aluminium is subjected to a chemical treatment which results in a strong, fortified surface coating. Finally, the 320LD has a stainless steel level wind. Be prepared to spend around £199.99 (£134.99 on special offer) for this particular reel.

A Little More Concerning the Penn 320LD

The 320LD reel can accommodate an ample 380 yards of 15 pound test line. It's gear ratio is 4.3:1. I've truly found this particular reel to be excellent for fishing in difficult places, like over wrecks as well as on harsh land surface. Due to the modernized lever drag feature taking the place of the old star system, this fishing reel is substantially modernized. I do really enjoy how easy it is presently to adjust the drag tension using just the flick of a switch. So much better!

If you happen to be trying to find a substantial item of sea fishing tackle, the Penn 320LD multiplier lever drag boat reel is without a doubt one you ought to include in your collection.

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