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Long Reel Penn

An Article Printed In The Local Newspaper Makarska Riviera, Penned By The Newspaper's Editor In July, Drew Negative Attention Hereabouts And Regionally.

One of the most sought after destinations on the Croatian coast is the Makarska in central Dalmatia, with its clean sea, sun-bathed beaches and an entrenched visitor tradition. Many tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) visit the area, either for a weekend or full vacation.

An article published in the local paper Makarska Riviera, written by the newspaper's editor in July, drew negative attention regionally and regionally. The draft, titled Guests that are a Surplus by Ivo Corkovic, claims that "guests from BiH are not welcome as they do not spend enough money, pollute the sea and just occupy space on the beaches".

At first the writer addresses the Problems in Croatian tourism generally, then turns attention to guests from BiH. Corkovic alludes to tourists from BiH as "an elementary disaster which, sadly, cannot be avoided or eliminated".

The article drew negative public reaction on each side of the border.

Croatia's Ministry of Tourism reacted swiftly to Corkovic's article in a PR release. "All guests are welcome to Croatia, without reference to their country of origin. There aren't any first class or 2nd class guests," Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs expounded. The ministry's official information states that BiH tourists are the second in number after German holiday makers on the Makarska Riviera.

Some BiH guests have bitched they are treated according to the amount of cash they spend vacationing in Croatia.

"I intend to spend my monthly salary in Makarska. I do not think I'm cheap, a lot less that I pollute the beach or the sea, but I'm sour to be treated as a less significant tourist," Stjepan Knezovic from Busovaca claims.

Another BiH holiday maker, Amela Corbic from Sarajevo announces, "My family has been coming for vacations in Croatia for years ; it is a tradition (in our family). But this year I will go to Turkey. I want to be respected for my cash, of which one gets far less in Croatia."

Due to enormous media interest and public indignation over Corkovic's article, Croatian President Ivo Josipovic voiced his reaction asking for equal treatment of Croatia's visitors.

"Every guest is welcome in Croatia, especially our pals from BiH. Most people do not welcome guests according to the thickness of their wallets. Therefore , welcome dear folk from Bosnia and Herzegovina," Josipovic recounted.
With Croatia's traveller season at the pinnacle, the country is fighting for each tourist and expectations run high from this season.

"As a city [Makarska] and country heavily relaying on [income from] tourism, they should not allow an individual opinion of one journalist destroy their image, especially considering the [geographical] closeness of tourists from BiH to this area. The issue will have a commercial reflection in Makarska this year, and years to come," Mirza Mehmedovic, BiH communications expert, told SETimes.

BiH envoy to Croatia Vladimir Raspudic said that Corkovic's article is offensive but pointed out that the position of one individual does not reflect the attitude of all.

"There is no doubt that this article caused damage, nevertheless it expresses the position of one individual. I am expecting that local Makarska residents will have a lot to assert to the writer of this really unsuitable text, which does not contribute to the development of good relations between BiH and the Republic of Croatia," writes tagza.com.

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