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Number Rare Penn

How To Attract Facebook Fans Like A Magnet

Are you looking out to grow your Facebook fans? Is it important to you to have alot of people joining your facebook page? This article is your saving grace if you answered yes to this question. Online marketers are quickly discovering the value of fan pages but man are having a tough time adding targeted fans since they aren't adding extra efforts to grow their pages. Read on for some simple to use tips for increasing your fan page.

1) If you want more people who visit your fan page to actually "like" your page, it's important to have a great landing page. You are able to determine where on Facebook your visitors will land, depending on how you set it up. It won't do you much good to have visitors land on your Facebook wall, because the various messages they'll see there won't give them a clear idea of what your page is for. What you want is a quality landing page that tells them all about your fan page and why they should join it. Big companies and celebrities who have fan pages are all using this tactic.

Secondly, the discussions and groups available on facebook are great for promoting your fan page link as long as you aren't spamming. Only promote your link on pages and discussions that really make sense. Jump outside of your comfort zone to promote your fan page in order to generate responses necessary for your success. The majority of the small businesses that have created a fan page aren't doing much to grow it, which gives you a competitive edge.

Finally, run some sort of promotion or give away prizes people want. Use bookmark sites like Delicious to get your link noticed by visitors for these promotions. Random prize giveaways are a great way to attract potential customers and fans too. Running a contest is a really effective strategy but remember that if you don't do it the right way, it may backfire. You'll first want to be sure you are following the rules of your blog as far as promotions go and ensure readers are going to respond before you attempt this method.

As we've seen, getting more fans can be accomplished if you consistently follow the right principles. The great thing about a network of this size is that it's possible for your page to go viral once it reaches a certain level. Your fans won't hesitate to share your page with their friends if they find it's worth recommending. If you want this to happen, you have to focus not only on acquiring new fans but pleasing the ones you already have. Having a very large number of fans takes time, but if you work at it regularly you can gradually build it up and have lots of high quality prospects as fans.

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