Penn 209 Wind

Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on November 30, 2011

Penn 209 Wind

Comfort on the Water

Being outside means getting dirt on your hands, roughing it, and being happy no matter what weather comes your way, right? This does not have to be true, although you can head out for a long trip without even preparing. However, how easy is it to focus on catching fish when freezing water is dribbling down your neck? Being prepared for fluctuating weather means dressing for comfort and success.

Those who live in the Northeast know the saying if you don’t like the weather wait a minute and it will change.  While this might be a catchy phrase, if it does change dramatically (and even the most seasoned outdoor lover will admit 30 degrees is dramatic) you want to be prepared.  Whether you are venturing out on what appears to be a relatively comfortable spring or summer morning or a relatively warm fall or winter morning, change happens fast.  The best thing you can do to stay comfortable regardless of the weather is to dress in layers.  Layers allow you to add or remove clothing depending on the time of day and other factors.

Summer mornings can be cool, even when the early morning news is predicting temperatures reaching ninety. Many fishermen dress in a comfortable flannel shirt layered over a flimsy t-shirt when they leave at 5AM, anticipating these warmer temperatures. However, when they are on the water cruising along, they will quickly chill. Stash a windbreaker or light jacket to the mix and you will be comfortably warm. Those who fish at night face the opposite problem. It’s nice and warm when they leave the dock, but temperatures quickly drop and that t-shirt becomes less comfortable by the minute.

The best advantage of light jackets and windbreakers is that they are so compact and lightweight. They can be stowed when you are not using them, since they take up little room. You will be grateful for them as temperatures drop and they begin to retain your body heat and seal out wind. Many rain jackets serve two purposes, breaking the wind and offering protection from water (whether rain or spray from the boat). It’s best to get a rain jacket with a zipper that is waterproof or a combination of a zipper and buttons or snaps, since zippers often leak when wet. Keep your zipper dry, and you will stay comfortable.

If you compare fishing to snow shoveling it’s pretty simple to see the theory behind layers – anyone who lives in a climate prone to winter snowstorms knows well how easy it is to get too warm while shoveling. The same theory is true when you’re fishing. And like shoveling, you remove layers, the cooler air begins to cause your sweat to evaporate and before you know it you are too cool.  Unlike shoveling however, it’s pretty simple to keep your activity level fairly moderate fishing.  Even then, layering remains your best option as you can remove layers if you get to warm and you can add them back as you cool down.

Use layers to stay comfortable during the freezing winter months. Make sure that you create a layering system that works for you in your fishing conditions. When a fisherman is comfortable, he or she will fish longer, increasing the likelihood of catching bigger fish and more of them. Making better decisions is much simpler when you are comfy, and any fisherman knows the importance of using any advantage possible. After all, why would you choose to be cold and miserable?

Clothing is not the only important thing to consider, you should also consider your fishing supplies. Some of the most popular fishing equipment is Penn Fishing Reels including Penn International 975 and Penn 209.

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