Penn 50 Reel

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Penn 50 Reel

Concurring The Surf

If you love the waves crashing along the beach, the smell of salt in the air, and walking for miles along the beach, you might also be interested in fishing the great waves. If you are unsure where to start, you may be surprised to find out how easy it is to get started with surf fishing. You may also be surprised to find out how inexpensive it is to get started.


The best thing about surf fishing is it does not mean that you have to spend a ton of money to get started. You might actually be surprised to learn that the old fishing rod that you got years ago that has been laying around in the garage, the attic, or the basement is perfectly suitable. Look around and see if you can find an 8 foot or larger rod, and add some of those lead weights that you have been collecting for years.

It is important to remember that your rod and reel must be up to the challenge of tackling the surf. Your reel and rod must be able to handle weights up to 4 ounces for a long cast. A rod with a fast action tip that is fairly strong will be your best bet. In addition, if it is longer than 8 feet that much the better, since the longer it is the more leverage will have. You reel must also be well-balanced, and allow for up to 200 yards of a 17 pound or larger monofilament line.

A sliding weight system, snap swivel, a hook and leader of the most typical bait rigs that are used for surf fishing. Remember, the idea is for the fish to pick up the bait without feeling the resistance of an oversized sinker. You can accomplish this either by using a slider, or fish finder rig. Fish finder rigs are hollow sleeves, with large snaps. What they allow, is the attaching of the sinker to the clip, so that when the fish picks up your bait, the sinker stays at the bottom. During this time, the line slides to the fish finder rig and the fish do not feel the resistance they normally would. Your swivel will prevent the slider from landing near your hook. The leader should always be about 2 feet with a hook on the end.

One thing that you will want to do is have an assortment of spoons as well as artificial plugs as part of your tackle. There are instances, when artificial lures will give you far better results than live bait. If you see fish actively feeding on the surface, you will want to use the top water plug to try to attract them. Most surf anglers have found that 2 rods are their best option. One fully rigged and ready to use with an artificial lure, and the other using live bait.

If you are in doubt at all about the most productive surf fishing areas, you need not go much further than your local tackle shop. In general, the shops will have information about productive beach areas. There is little doubt that anglers who typically are involved in surf fishing will have discussed the best spots with someone in the tackle shop. Once you arrive on the beach, you will be able to tell nearly immediately if it is a good area, since there will probably be other anglers around. Make sure that you discuss the best bait for the area that you plan to fish. They will be able to tell you what the most popular lures are and help you find the ones that will work best for you. The more time you spend fishing, the more knowledge you will gain, and before long, your surf lure and bait rig collection will be sufficient.

There is simply no reason to spend hundreds of dollars to prepare yourself for fishing. This includes surf fishing. Even if you are just getting started, the basic equipment should be relatively inexpensive and as time goes along, and you gain more experience, and you can build up your supply of bait and tackle. Before you know it, you will have learned more about this great sport, not just from your local tackle shop, but from other beach anglers.

When you are preparing to undergo a saltwater fishing experience, it is important that you have the proper fishing gear. Some of the most popular gear include Shimino Spinning Reel, Penn Reels and Daiwa Reel.


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