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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on December 2, 2011

Penn 50

The Penn 80VSW: The Easiest Method To Fish For Large Tuna

The Penn 80vsw is one of technologically advanced reel that is available for sale today. It's very powerful and tough and that's why it is advisable to use it if you are fishing for large tuna such as blue marlin and black marlin.

Once you're able to use the Penn 80vsw, you will notice that big game angling is more easily. The reason being it has a stainless steel main. It also has a machine cut pinion gears which is why the angling is simpler compared to other fishing reels that are made for large tuna fishes. Another attribute that makes the dragging so effortless is the powerful Double-Disc Drag with 150-Degree Drag Quadrant.

In addition, it comes with a quick shift, two speed system which is why you will be able to change the speed accordingly. This is really one of the biggest logic behind why most fishers lose the blue marlin that's already hooked in their line. You will realize that using the Penn 80vsw, you won't have this trouble ever again.

One more thing that makes the Penn 80vsw so scientifically advanced is the four aircraft grade ball bearings that it has. This is one of the benefits that you will actually feel once you get to utilize this reel. It makes it seem as if all the tune fish that you're trying to catch is so lightweight. It just makes fishing for tuna a lot lighter.

The Penn 80vsw also comes with a soft grip handle. Regardless how tough the fish may be, you will never loose control of your fishing gear and it will never slip from your palms. You will also realize that after you apply the Penn 80vsw, your hands don't feel that tired. It won't feel as if you were fishing one of the toughest fishes to catch. The titanium arm will never break or even snap no matter how much you pull or tug on the line.

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