Penn 60 Long Beach

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Penn 60 Long Beach

Fishing Tackle Review: The Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

Although I enjoy all types of fishing, I have to confess that pike and predator fishing is a particular favourite of mine. It's particularly confrontational if a vigorously wrestling pike, zander, or perch is at the other end of the line. Additional groupings of fish which I delight in hunting are catfish, eels, salmon, and trout. Because my preferences are so varied, it's important for my fishing tackle to be extremely adaptable. I can't afford to take a narrow view of the sort of tackle I need to use. I also prefer to stay with the better-known brands, because I'm likely to get gear with a good combination of quality and value. Next are details regarding this type of product: the Penn Spinfisher SSg graphite spinning reel.

Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

Penn manufactured this reel founded on its admired SS reel assortment. Just as all the rest of this line, the SSg has a light, yet sturdy graphite frame and side plates. I'm glad that Penn's crafters have incorporated an anodised and machined aluminium spool, along with a machine-cut main gear manufactured out of heavy-duty alloy. The main shaft of this reel is made out of stainless steel, and it contains anti-corrosion shielded stainless steel ball bearings for easy casting and retrieve. This reel has infinite anti-reverse, an essential feature for me. The SSg has Penn's famous built-in HT-100™ drag washers which give effortless drag even when subjected to the most weighty loads.

Fishing Tackle: More About the Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

The SSg's Techno-balanced™ rotor delivers exceptionally smooth retrieves, and there's a comfortable soft touch knob on the machined and anodised aluminium handle. With each spin, this reel can retrieve 21in of line. The SSg has Penn's one-of-a-kind Leveline® wrap system. Because I frequently have extensive fishing trips, I really like the SSg light weight and anti-corrosion design. One other fantastic component is the fail-free bail spring containing a trip friction ramp for averting early bail trip while casting. Along with the ball bearings, the reel includes a strong roller bearing. It's easily configured for left- or right-handed anglers.

Heading: A Few Specifications of the Spinfisher SSg Reel

The SSg will support 165 yd of 4lb test line, contains a gear ratio of 5.3:1, and is 7.8 ounces in weight. The price of this reel is around £99.99; however, sometimes you can find it on sale, specifically online. As I am interested in the businesses that make the fishing tackle I use, I did some research and found that Penn was founded in 1932, and has been a leader in the field ever since. Being that I am also interested in the durability and reliability of my tackle, I was happy to discover that Penn backs its merchandise with a complete 1 year warranty. In case my SSg refused to work, or gets damaged when its still under warranty, I simply return it to the makers to receive maintenance or to be replaced.

What better-quality fishing tackle could an angler ask for? The Penn Spinfisher SSg is highly recommended!

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