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Penn Big Reel

The Most Appealing Match-Ups On The 2011 Penn State Football Schedule

The 2011 Penn State Football Schedule has been released and that means fans can begin selecting the games most intriguing to watch within the upcoming season.

The face of the Big 10 changed this season when Nebraska had been added, bringing the conference to Twelve teams as well as allowing it to split up into 2 sections and add a conference championship game. Despite this evolving look to the conference, Penn State’s schedule has a bit of a typical feel into it compared to prior years.

Certainly, the premier game on the schedule for Penn State in 2011 is the 2nd game of the season against Alabama. Last year Penn State travelled to Tuscaloosa to play Alabama and ended up on the losing end of the game. This season, Alabama comes to Happy Valley to setup a very intriguing out of conference complement that'll be watched not just through both fan bases, but fan bases of the SEC as well as Big 10 conferences in general. Both will be searching for a pleasant win for their conference.

The Alabama game is sandwiched between other much less intriguing out-of-conference match-ups. The Nittany Lions will have Indiana State to start the season at home, as well as after Alabama will go on the road to face Temple. Penn State rounds out their out of conference schedule having a home game against Eastern Michigan. Whilst Penn State vs Alabama seats will be scarce, with regard to fans Penn State vs Temple football tickets should be more readily found.

After the out of conference schedule, things get a lot more interesting as Penn State gets into it's Big 10 schedule. There are some great games in this part of the schedule, including some match-ups which have created nicely over the years such as games against Purdue, Iowa, as well as Northwestern. Penn State should be favored in most individuals games, but it’s been proven through the years that those opponents will always provide Penn State an aggressive game and also the outcome is by no means certain. Penn State vs Indiana St football tickets will be in higher demand.

The finish of the schedule is actually once again top notch with regard to Penn State fans in 2011. Besides the Alabama game, the 3 greatest games on the schedule tend to be perhaps at the end of the entire year. Penn State plays traditional power Ohio State on the road in late November. They then play who many believe is the favorite to win the conference in 2011 in Wisconsin also on the road the next week. Those back to back games will be a tough check for just about any team.

Penn State finishes the entire year with the team that likely will become the newer competitor for Penn State in future years, and that is Nebraska. Penn State has played Nebraska in out-of-conference games a few times. Now the games in conference will mean even more. Penn State fans can look forward to many great games versus the cornhuskers in future years.

If the cards drop the right way in 2011, Penn State fans might be lucky enough to finish up in the inaugural Big 10 Championship game in Indy.

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