Penn Drag Reel

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Penn Drag Reel

Sea Fishing Tackle Overview: Penn Powerstix Pro Bass Rod

Don't get me wrong: I'm as enthusiastic an angler as the next person. I really do have to concede, though, that the older I get, the less enthusiastic I am to lug around a large and awkward bunch of Sea Fishing Tackle. When I am bass fishing, I like to travel very light, but nevertheless will need my tackle to be the correct type for pursuing this difficult fish. In addition, I need a fishing rod which performs very well near the shore, with sufficient strength to handle larger sized fish, in the event that I am lucky enough to hook one. Just as I was beginning to question whether I ever could find a rod to suit all my demands, I stumbled upon the Penn Powerstix Pro Bass rod. Here's precisely why I like it so much.

Main Aspects of the Penn Powerstix Pro Bass Rod

This three-piece fishing rod is 11ft 6in long. I love that it's made from a light-weight blank and has quite a narrow diameter. The Powerstix Pro bass fishing rod features a heart of effective and hard-wearing 24-ton carbon. Why's that significant for anglers? Well, 24-ton carbon fibre possesses a tensile strength of 24 tons per square centimetre. Amazing! The fishing rod also has a Penn reel seat, EVA fore and also butt grips, eight guides, and also a tip guide. The mixture of the guide spacing and guide size with the rod's parabolic action make the Powerstix Pro just the thing for usage with fixed-spool or multiplier reels, particularly when casting baits or lures.

More Information On the Powerstix Pro Bass Rod

This specific fishing rod is the latest version in Penn's distinguished Powerstix line, and despite the term "bass" in the name, it is really very functional. It's a three-piece fishing rod, meaning it may be stowed away and carried without difficulty, as the transporting length is merely 3ft10in. All portions are identical length. The Cordura carry tube is solid and protective, comes with a useful shoulder strap, and is really easy for travelling. The Powerstix Pro bass fishing rod is actually a pleasure to cast with. The fact is, the power of the carbon fibre within the fishing rod enables it to cast weights as much as 4 ounces with ease, smoothness, swiftness, and exactness, rendering it perfect for close quarters shore fishing. Do try it on classes other than bass, for instance, wrasse and flatfish.

Last Remarks regarding the Penn Powerstix Pro Bass Rod

The Pro Bass features quite an appealing visual appeal. The 10 Fuji guides' whippings are identical colour as the blank -- a bold, deep crimson with silver trim. Yet another feature I value would be that the last 50cm of this fishing rod is reflective, hence bites will be plainly seen during the night time. The parabolic action I mentioned previously is both slow and also through, with the pleasant result that this fishing rod delivers optimum sport without sacrificing control. Anticipate paying between 65 and 75 for your Penn Powerstix Pro bass rod.

This really is a fantastic piece of Sea Fishing Tackle that's affordable, functional, and considered of high quality. I am very happy to give it a star or rating of 4.5 out of a potential 5 stars.

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