Penn Drag

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Penn Drag

Fishing Tackle Assessment: The Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

While all fishing is a favourite of mine, I will admit that I really prefer pike and predator fishing. It is even more tricky when I have a tough-struggling perch, pike, or zander on the end of my line. The various species that I love to trail are eels, catfish, salmon and trout. Due to the fact that my favourites are broad spectrum, it is crucial that my fishing tackle to be really multipurpose. It isn't in my best interest to be narrow minded concerning the type of gear I have to employ. What's more, I opt to stick with the popular brands, and know that I my tackle will be a great unification of value and superiority. The following is some info about this sort of product, the Penn Spinfisher SSg graphite spinning reel.

Fishing Tackle: Essential Components of the Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

Penn constructed this reel derived from its famous SS reel line. In the vein of the rest of this range, the SSg comes with a light, yet well-built graphite frame and side plates. It really pleases me to see that Penn's creators have built-in an anodised and machined aluminium spool, in conjunction with a machine-cut main gear built out of hard-wearing alloy. The reel's main shaft is crafted from stainless steel, and it features corrosion-resistant shielded stainless steel ball bearings for smooth casts and retrieves. The reel comes with infinite anti-reverse which is one of my choice elements. The SSg is equipped with the famous Penn's HT-100™ drag washers which supply even drag with the heaviest of loads.

Fishing Tackle: Additional Information on the Penn Spinfisher SSg Graphite Spinning Reel

The SSg's Techno-balanced™ rotor delivers exceptionally smooth retrieves, and there's a comfortable soft touch knob on the machined and anodised aluminium handle. The reel is capable of retrieving 21in of line per spin. The SSg features Penn's exclusive Leveline® wrap system. Due to the fact that I take pretty lengthy fishing trips, I truly value the SSg's lightweight and corrosion-proof design. Another great feature is the fail-free bail spring with a trip friction ramp that prevents premature bail trip when casting. In conjunction with the ball bearings, this reel is equipped with a heavy-duty roller bearing. It's not difficult to transform for use by left-handed or right-handed anglers.

Title: Some Specifics of the Spinfisher SSg Reel

The SSg will support 165 yd of 4lb test line, contains a gear ratio of 5.3:1, and is 7.8 ounces in weight. Expect to pay about £99.99 for this reel, but do look for it on special offer, particularly on the Internet. Since I like to know the companies behind the fishing tackle I apply, I investigated and discovered that Penn was created in 1932, and since has been a frontrunner in its genre. I'm also concerned about the durability and reliability of my gear, so I was glad to learn that Penn backs its products with a comprehensive 1-year warranty. If my SSg fails or is damaged during the warranty period, all I need to do is return it to the company for repair or replacement.

What better fishing tackle could a fisherman expect? The Penn fisher is one that is very much advocated!

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