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Penn Free Ship

Sea Fishing Tackle Review: The Penn Fathom Level Wind Multiplier Reel - Model FTH20LW

There isn't one single day that passes by that I'm not glad to be both a Briton and a devoted fisherman. How lucky to have been born on our island nation, encompassed by seas so rich in life! Other anglers can seek out lakes and streams for the noble salmon and crafty trout - I will take my chances on a boat, taking a gamble to see what I'll find on my line. Since that might be practically any variety of fish, I want my sea fishing tackle to be the very best I will be able to buy, of the most superior quality and really versatile. Here's a short evaluation of a great reel from Penn which I’ve noted to be a top-notch choice for boat angling: the Fathom level wind multiplier, model FTH20LW.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Major Aspects of the Penn Fathom Level Wind Multiplier Reel - Model FTH20LW

This particular reel has got a solid feel, and I've found it to be both trustworthy and very powerful. I specially like the lower 4.3:1 gear ratio given that it provides me with superior cranking power whilst I'm battling a big fish. The level wind element guarantees that the spool fills correctly, extending me a definite edge in the struggle, against even the biggest challengers. The frame and side plates of the reel are manufactured from die cast aluminium. Curious, I explored the die casting procedure and learned that it's a process of manufacturing engineered metal components by forcing molten metal into moulds, also called dies. Die cast metal parts are more durable than parts made by other processes, such as by welding, because die cast parts are completely uninterrupted and without any seams or joints that can be weak points. The spool that is in the Fathom level wind reel is in addition manufactured from aluminium to keep this fishing reel as light as can be.

Additional Info About the Penn Fathom Level Wind Reel

The level wind system has four protected stainless steel ball bearings and also is manufactured from oxidation-proof stainless steel. The main and pinion gears are created from durable bronze. Still another reason I favour this particular reel is the Versa-Drag™ drag system including HT-100™ washers, an element which also gives me a huge edge on larger-sized fish. The drag has a 30 pound limit. The reel will accommodate 320 yards of 17 pound test line and has a weight of 19.5 ounces. The Fathom level wind will hold both braid and nylon line. The body is produced entirely from metal and has an incredibly powerful clutch. The instant anti-reverse bearing is designed with a silent back-up ratchet. In addition, there is a power handle. All these elements join together to create a resilient, strong and proficient reel that is really effectual in a large variety of sea fishing situations.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Final Remarks About the Penn Fathom Level Wind Reel

I've found this particular reel to be rather a serviceable piece of sea fishing tackle which provides superior performance for an affordable and reasonable price tag of approximately £139.99 on special offer. I really recommend it!

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