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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on November 5, 2011

Penn Long

The Penn 130vsx - Engineering At It's Finest For The Fishing Angler

Angler fishing basically turned into a pleasant task with the Penn 130vsx. As compared to reels of other brands, Penn 130vsx delivers high-performance when it comes to durability in angler fishing. It's not only sufficiently strong, it's also the most appropriate to work with for this kind of fishing job.

With the Penn 130vsx, your fishing line will never break. On top of the great features that makes it unbeatable such as forged and machined side plates, it has very durable spools that will last long. Because of this, jammed fishing lines are a thing of the past. The Penn 130vsx is so cost-efficient enabling you to use the fishing line effectively to catch fish to last for the whole trip.

By using the Penn 130vsx, you shouldn't lose a single fish. The machine-cut heat treated stainless steel main is the primary factor in design that yields to very strong and durable reel. The pinion gears is also a remarkable feature of this unique product. After experiencing how easy it is to use Penn 130vsx, you would immediately feel the difference of other inferior reels and be surprised that this reel have the two best features needed for angler fishing.

You will also love the extreme drag settings of the Penn 130vsx. It's very likely for you to catch fish the right way in the most humane manner due to its drag settings designed for such purpose. You'll actually notice that there are no non-angler friendly drag curves all the way through your whole fishing trip. It just makes angler fishing much easier and smoother.

It also has a stainless steel reel stand which is very stable and durable. An added plus for Penn 130vsx is the fact that its versatile and not just meant for angler fishing. Due to the various drag settings, there's a probability to hook not only your regular fish but some real beauties. Because of this, nothing could be better advice than telling you that this equipment is a must-have for fishing enthusiasts.

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