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Investigation Into Allentown, PA Natural Gas Explosion

A natural gas explosion in PA has left a minimum of one person dead. Five additional individuals are unaccounted for in Allentown. On Wed, February 9, a gas explosion detonated in an Allentown neighborhood. At least 16 houses have been damaged by the still-burning fire. Six houses, at least, have been destroyed as well. Article resource - Allentown, Pennsylvania, natural gas explosion damages 24 homes by MoneyBlogNewz.

An explosion from natural gas in Allentown, Penn.

It's nevertheless unknown what caused the Allentown natural gas explosion. The Allentown fire chief said that the causes are "under investigation.". A huge natural gas explosion like that would take lots of gas. In fact, a stove would have to have been left on a long time or a gas leak would have had to been undiscovered for a long time for it to have occurred like that. The blast was powerful enough that computer monitors were sent sailing six to eight houses away.

Evacuation due to natural gas explosion of over 600 people

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, there was a huge natural gas explosion. This caused an evacuation of over 600 people. The fire that the explosion caused burned at least 6 houses. It caused sixteen other homes damage. They all were hit. There could be inspections of close apartment complexes also. This can be done before anyone is allowed to return. The explosion and fire killed one person while five have yet to be found.

Gas main had passed inspection

A representative for UGI Utilities, Inc., has released a statement the gas main near the Allentown, Penn., natural gas explosion had passed a "routine leak examination.". A lot of the city is on top of a 12-inch cast iron natural gas main. It is regularly checked though for leaks. It was also explained that there weren’t any leaks in history under the houses that exploded while gas odors weren’t complained about. The business is uncertain what could have brought on the natural gas explosion. Both sides of the gas main were sealed to stop the burning fire on Thursday morning. This took crews 5 hours considering they had to cut through reinforced concrete first.

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