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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on December 24, 2011

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Sea Fishing Tackle Review: Penn Waveblaster Evo 12/20lb Class Rod

If you are an enthusiastic fisherman such as me, then you know your sea fishing tackle must be positively top shelf. Moreover, it must be both durable and flexible as well. Absolutely nothing is more irritating than having an item of tackle fail while you're fighting a huge, irritated fish. On that basis, It's my job to seek out the most beneficial blend of quality and cost from only the most well liked and respectable purveyors of sea fishing items. One organization I really like quite a bit is Penn. The engineers there have truly gotten it right. Penn tackle has an optimal combination of low cost with superior quality. The following is the low-down on a fishing rod I am very fond of: the Waveblaster Evo 12/20lb class rod.

Key Attributes of the Penn Waveblaster Evo 12/20lb Class Rod

This is a fantastic piece of fishing tackle that I find myself employing frequently. It's of sufficient length at 8ft to provide a good amount of game, particularly close in. It really is extremely strong as well, being made out of a high resistance 25T carbon blank. With a price point of about 80.00 to 90.00, numerous anglers find the Waveblaster Evo well within their budgets. Another characteristic I love is the resilient Fuji SiC guides that happen to be a lot more durable and last for a longer time than guides created from other sorts of materials. SiC is actually a chemical compound composed of silicon plus carbon. It's exceptionally strong and rigid, and incredibly proofed against deformation and pressure. SiC has been utilized in producing and construction processes for more than 100 years, thus I'm pretty positive that the Waveblaster Evo is an exceptionally strong rod. SiC is also very immune to thermal shock.

More Details On the Waveblaster Evo

Another component of this fishing rod that I love is its high quality EVA fighting fore grip and rubber butt. By the way, EVA is short for ethylene vinyl acetate, a material which is widely recognized for its durability, overall flexibility, and very low temperature threshold. You might find this kind of fishing rod to be a lot slimmer in diameter than alternative fishing rods in its class, however its performance in no way suffers. The grip is pretty comfortable, and I just like the position of the reel seat as well. The Waveblaster Evo is eight feet in length, and it has a medium action.

Final Thoughts Regarding the Penn Waveblaster Evo 12/20lb Rod

I have found that this excellent piece of fishing tackle has got superior bite detection, particularly on the drift. It really works well with either braided or mono line. No matter whether you use fishing lures or live baits, you will find this rod's action to be excellent. Though the Evo flexes responsively, it retains a lot of rigidity, offering practically flawless balance. Additionally it is appropriate for quite a few smaller types of fish for example flounder, gurnard, plaice, pollack, coalfish, dab, whiting, codling, bass, and tope.

If I'm standing on a windy seashore on a bright, warm day, the Penn Waveblaster Evo fishing rod is generally the one piece of sea fishing tackle which is consistently in my hands. I'm pleased to rate it as 4.5 out of 5 stars. Strongly recommended!

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