Rare Penn

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Rare Penn

Rare Postage Stamp Prices Are Typically On The Rise

Do you purchase, buy and sell, or perhaps collect rare postage stamps? Is your child or grandchild an aspiring stamp collector? Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present or birthday gift? Would you like to spend a loving weekend over a looking glass along with your stamp collection and that special someone? Stamp collecting has almost never been more popular or a better investment decision, and now is really a good time to get involved in this fascinating, high-stakes pastime.

The market for rare postage stamps is becoming much more demanding and costly with every passing season. Auctions in the United States and round the world are getting 100s or thousands of dollars for collectible stamps. Your current recreational hobby could bring you unanticipated income if you've precious rare postage stamps within your collection.

French postage stamps have for ages been a staple of the postage stamp auction community. Mint examples coming from the Napoleonic period have sold for exceptional prices at auction lately, and also modestly compromised stamps from the Third Republic could get hundreds of dollars from stamp collectors. One stamp licked by Charles De Gaulle during the French parliament's exile in 1942 was sold to a private collector for a massive unknown amount. French postage stamps might be your path to a priceless rare stamp collection.

Who can withstand the allure and draw of Great Britain stamps? The English King George was a serious stamp collector, and some of the Penny Red postage stamps he exchanged with Count Ribbentrop now forms the back bone of the postage stamp collection at the Public Museum of Berlin.

Rare postage stamps from the 1800s riots are in high demand, because many were ruined by enraged rioters who burned post offices all through the countryside.

Even twentieth century postage stamps are making a resurgence -- Thatcherite appreciation has pushed up price ranges for significant stamps from the eighties by substantial amounts.

An additional continual choice, especially among younger enthusiasts, are African stamps. They have kept their worth well despite the universal decline in price levels from 2006-2008. The Big Apple stamp sales can seldom get lots from East Africa, this has pushed up regional stamp values for hobbyists. A stamp from Idi Amin's personal collection -- a beautiful Ugandan stamp he treasured growing up -- was bought at auction for a value just below five figures following a heated round of bidding by offshore buyers.

Frequently overshadowed by sales for art or antiques, you will still find quite a few wonderful prices in rare postage stamps which are undiscovered by dealers. Now's the opportunity to enter the marketplace while the value of old stamps continues to be reasonably affordable. Within a few years the actual rising popularity of e-mail might result in selling prices to go up yet again as the marketplace shifts to digital memorabilia, therefore the opportunity to locate a great buy is shrinking. Discovering an undervalued stamp these days could bring in substantial rewards at public auction in just a few years. A few experts are forecasting stamp investment opportunities might even outshine the S&P500 during the following five years -- this might be a worthwhile investment for knowledgeable buyers looking for higher returns.

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