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Reel Clamp Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Overview: The Daiwa Opus Plus Reel

Over the years, I’ve learned that sea fishing isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sea anglers are a brawny and exclusive bunch of fishermen who have abstained from well-favoured freshwater fisheries to pursue our prey in the ancient ocean. There isn’t anything more exhilarating than to push your way into the waves and cast your lure or bait in the ocean. The fish are there - I just can feel it - and it’s only a matter of time until an ocean denizen strikes. Then is becomes intense and the combat ensues! To put myself in the likeliest winning position, I require my sea fishing tackle to be sturdy, effortless to care for, and flexible,. To see more facts about my preferred reel, the Daiwa Opus Plus model, read further.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Chief Components of the Daiwa Opus Plus Reel

The first thing I noticed about the Opus Plus is its exceptionally rugged and strong design and construction, which is typical of most products in the Daiwa fishing tackle range. The spool and huge winding gear amalgamate to supply extraordinary force and functionality. Its power is more increased by the lower gear ratio of the reel, as a result, you get faultless functionality although you may encounter a large fish at the end of your line. Sea anglers like me often need a robust drag system, and the Opus Plus offers a strong, micro adjustable one that can be locked down easily during the fight. Another refinement I found on this superior piece of sea fishing tackle is the Daiwa vaunted infinite anti-reverse, which is one of my essential aspects.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Further Facts on the Opus Plus Reel from Daiwa

With exceptionally durable, no-nonsense construction, the reel features a 4.1:1 gear ratio and weighs 20.1 ounces. It’s designed to hold 310m of 15lb test line. The Opus Plus reel has a practical price of close to £40.00. An additional spool will cost £5.00. I do appreciate the thoughtful design that uses an anodised alloy spool that’s both strong and light in weight. Because I am left-handed, the ambidextrous winding works extremely well for me. Furthermore, this reel comes with a well-built ABS aluminium spool that is made with vented rotor arms. It includes the sought-after TwistBuster line reduction aspect by Daiwa, and also infinite anti-reverse. There’s also a smooth multi-disc drag that can be exceptionally useful in a long fight.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Closing Comments Concerning the Daiwa Opus Plus Reel

The Opus Plus is fitted with four precision ball bearings. It features an extra composite spool. This is a large-capacity reel with a solid and reliable design. I feel that it is extremely adaptable and I’ve made use of it with my boat, with piers, and jetties as well. For sure, it’s a premium surf reel to boot. It doesn’t matter which fish classification I’m hunting, saltwater or freshwater, this reel always passes the test.

For a good quality piece of excellent functioning sea fishing tackle, you should give the Daiwa Opus Plus reel a comprehensive assessment.

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