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Reel Free Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Review: The Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

I'll go ahead and admit it: I am beguilingly taken with the sea. While it has always been like this, I have only in these last years, had the time to satisfy this longing by going on fishing excursions. I find something quite appealing about a natural native of the ocean ferociously take hold of my lure or bait. A lot of the excitement is from wondering at first what kind of fish is nibbling-and after that, the battle commences! So, I am standing out there on a breezy beach, with a special kindred spirit with all my counterparts from ages long ago. Whether I'm fishing purely for sport or to catch my dinner, I thoroughly enjoy the experience. We modern anglers have all the advantages, though, with a great range of sea fishing tackle available in a myriad of styles, types and prices. A particular reel I am especially fond of is my Fox Stratos 12000 S. Read further for more information.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Main Facets of the Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

I really am satisfied that this 12000 S is equipped with a more compact anti-reverse, which thwarts it from being knocked; that is considerably helpful when there is a large-sized hostile fish striking my line. One of the reasons I bought this reel is a test I read about. This reel was put in to saltwater for one week so that they could see if there were components which would deteriorate or oxidize. At the finish of this test, the place where they had to put an extra seal was the extra-large front roller bearing. The rest of the reel performed admirably. For the reason that I am extremely harsh with my fishing tackle, the test results impressed me greatly.

Sea Fishing Tackle: More About the Stratos 12000 S Reel

The 12000 S has a gear ratio of 4.5:1, and weighs just 670g. The saltwater-defiant body is constructed from light weight graphite, and it gives 11.2 oscillations per each stroke. There are 13 carefully placed stainless steel ball bearings guaranteeing extra-smooth functioning; there are not this many bearings found on the challengers' sea fishing tackle. The basic alloy spool is fixed with a shield for avoiding invasion of grit-this facet is necessary for maintaining the performance of the fishing reel. There are 10 clutch disks along with 2 shims on the 12000 S. It's not fitted with line reducers, and the spool is not the push button type. There is no extra spool included either. Even with these few pitfalls, I am still partial to this reel.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Ending Comments about the Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

The remarkable piece of sea fishing tackle features a long single handle that delivers superior cranking power during the fight. It has a spool clip that is broader and lengthier than most others, plus a neoprene spool band, making it match up to whatever I come across. It furthermore is designed with a stainless steel main shaft, along with a large-sized roller bearing. I have been continuously fond of angling gear from Fox, for the reason that it provides the ultimate amalgamation of price tag and functioning capacity. I am contented to stand behind this high-quality reel.

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