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Reel Gear Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Synopsis: The Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

I have to say: The sea just mesmerises me. Although I've always been this way, it's only in the past few years that I've been able to indulge this attraction by taking up fishing. Something gets my adrenaline going when it comes to having a habitat of the ocean insistently take my lure or bait. A lot of the excitement is from wondering at first what kind of fish is nibbling-and after that, the battle commences! So, there I stand, on a wind-swept beach, feeling a strong kinship with all my counterparts from time immemorial. Whether I'm fishing purely for sport or to catch my dinner, I thoroughly enjoy the experience. We modern anglers have all the advantages, though, with a great range of sea fishing tackle that is out there in an endless diversity of fashions, kinds, and costs. One of my favourite fishing reels is the Fox Stratos 12000 S. Read further for more information.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

I particularly appreciate that the 12000 S has a smaller anti-reverse that keeps it from getting knocked, especially when I have a large, angry fish on the line. One of the reasons I bought this reel is a test I read about. They left the reel submerged for a week in saltwater in an attempt to discover any parts that would corrode or rust. When this testing was complete, it was discovered that an extra seal was necessary on the outsized front roller bearing. The reel was exceptional in operation as far as the other components. Since I tend to be hard on my gear, this test made quite an impression on me.

Sea Fishing Tackle: More Facts Regarding the Stratos 12000 S Reel

This 12000 S weighs in at just 670g, and has a 4.5:1 gear ratio. The saltwater-defiant body is constructed from light weight graphite, and it gives 11.2 oscillations per each stroke. There are 13 carefully placed stainless steel ball bearings guaranteeing extra-smooth functioning; there are not this many bearings found on the challengers' sea fishing tackle. The standard alloy spool is fitted with a guard to prevent grit intrusion, a feature that's important for keeping the reel in top operating condition. The 12000 S reel is built with two shims, and also ten clutch disks. It's not fitted with line reducers, and the spool is not the push button type. It also does not come with a spare spool. But these are mediocre downfalls; it is still one of my most preferred.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Last Impressions Concerning the Fox Stratos 12000 S Reel

The excellent piece of sea fishing tackle features a long single handle that delivers superior cranking power during the fight. Having a neoprene spool band as well as a spool clip which is more lengthy and also wider than many others, this particular fishing reel can take on anything I stumble upon. The reel additionally has an outsized roller bearing, plus a main shaft made with stainless steel. I have preferred Fox fishing tackle for a long time, since it gives me an excellent mix of performing ability and selling price. I will be pleased to advocate this premium fishing reel.

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