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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on January 16, 2012

Reel Handle Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Report: The Shimano Torium 14 Reel

I was out sea fishing the other day, and was struck by the thought that we're so lucky here in the UK to have such wonderful resources for anglers. Although there are plenty of inland lakes, streams and rivers to fish, I much prefer to fish in the ocean. I do have to confess that when I'm out in my little boat, I feel a tremendous affinity with all the other anglers who have fished in our waters literally for millennia. In this spirit, I would like to share some information with my comrades about a terrific piece of sea fishing tackle I have just lately purchased—the Shimano Torium 14 reel.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Chief Aspects of the Shimano Torium 14 Reel

This specific reel is part of an innovative line of reels from a prominent company in the fishing industry—Shimano. This is a high velocity multiplier reel which is perfect for boat angling—one of my favourite pastimes. One aspect I observed immediately was its one piece frame which was constructed from aluminium; this provided outstanding durability to its design. The Torium 14 has an adjustable handle as well, which means you'll have all the power you need when you're in the midst of a thrilling fight. I have noticed that the fishing reel has commendable performance ability in unfavourable weather; so I make sure to include in my fishing gear when the climate is exactly ideal.

Sea Fishing Tackle: More About the Shimano Torium 14 Reel

This Torium 14 will, in all probability, go above and beyond the demands of even highly accomplished fishermen. I especially appreciate the centrifugal braking system. It has all the features I need, including the Super Stopper system, 3 corrosion resistant ball bearings, an adjustable clicker, and star drag. I wasn't familiar with the Super Stopper feature, so I looked it up. I found out that it is exclusive to Shimano reels and that it is an on-the-spot anti-reverse system which will stop any playback in the handle. The end result? Instant hook setting power from an exceptionally well appointed piece of fishing tackle that is precisely manufactured for especially tight tolerances to assure the greatest amount of functionality, strength, and force.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Final Thoughts on the Torium 14

The Torium 14 has a feature called HEG, which stands for "high efficiency gearing." HEG supplies a very fast retrieve along with an exceptional quantity of torque. Delving further into this reel's features and specifications, I found that the ergonomic Septom power handle delivers a sure grip, even when wet. Also, the reel is equipped with two specially treated A-RB anti-deterioration bearings known to deter anti-oxidization in excess of ten times better than normal bearings. The engineers at Shimano are very thorough in their plan; even the drag washers are produced from a proprietary element to assure the reel’s dependability. Lastly, its precision click star drag permits me to adapt the drag in calculable increments.

For the ultimate in sea fishing tackle, I recommend you give the Shimano Torium 14 reel a serious look. My ranking? 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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