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Carp Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

If you are going out to fish for carp, the gear you use needs to be durable as well as trustworthy. For me personally, however, there is another pressing issue; price. The price of a fishing reel needs to be equal to the performance level. Honestly, I actually like searching for bargains almost as much as searching for carp. Even though I normally don’t decide on the lowest price tag, I look cautiously for carp fishing tackle which is sold at mid-price ranges. A fishing reel that I have embarked upon as of late is fulfils these needs—the Daiwa Windcast S-5000.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Major Facets of the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

With a selling price of around £99.99 at a special bargain price, the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 reel is a terrific item of carp fishing tackle. It has been re-devised and performs more smoothly; also, its shape has changed and it has a more advanced style. If you want a reel that will give you an excellent blend of velocity and casting distance, the S-5000 may be just the thing you are looking for. Adaptable to many different fishing styles, this reel will quickly become a major ally in your hunt for the elusive carp. One feature I quickly noticed is that the spool is precisely tapered to release and deliver line at top speed.

Carp Fishing Tackle: More About the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

Remaining on the subject of line, I need to tell you that the S-5000 is designed with an HIP high impact line clip. It additionally has an incorporated cushion on the pin; this provides the fisherman with a great deal of pinpoint casting precision. Fishermen that are well-acquainted with Daiwa fishing reels will be pleased to know that these reels have been endowed with all the superb qualities we would anticipate coming from superior quality Daiwa reels such as Twist Buster, AirBail, Castlock, and DIGIGEAR. I totally welcome the AirBail element for the reason that it is equipped with a hollow tubular stainless steel bail which is extremely deterrent to distorting. Digigear is the proprietary design method of Daiwa which guarantees the ideal mixture of the pinion gear with the driving gear. The drive gear is made from a surface treated, super-tough alloy, and the pinion gear is made from marine bronze. This gearing system makes the S-5000 an incredibly durable and powerful reel with plenty of speed. Considering all my fishing tackle, I really use this one quite often.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Closing Comments Regarding the Windcast S-5000

The S-5000 is a repeated top seller in Daiwa’s merchandise line, and actually surpassed sales records when was initiated. According to the marketing manager at Daiwa, the Windcast fishing reel line has rapidly become their quickest selling big pit series. The dealer’s and the press’s response at trade shows was so favourable that the production level of the item has raised significantly. Because of its consistent performance capability, this is one of my most preferred items of carp fishing gear. No surprises from this solidly built reelThis durable fishing reel delivers!

When looking for excellent quality carp fishing tackle, you really need to check out the all-inclusive Daiwa Windcast S-5000 reel.

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