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Reel Rod Penn

Fishing Tackle Review: The Shimano Stradic C14 CI Microline Reel

As an avid angler, I always look forward to my next fishing excursion. When I'm not out on a lake, river, stream, or beach, I try to look after my extensive collection of fishing tackle, and I make sure it is in tip-top shape to guarantee that it can endure whichever type fish I am pursuing. The truth is, though, that I get about as much pleasure out of seeking good prices in fishing gear as seeking the fish. Currently, a person can find some great prices on the Web, especially for indispensable angling gear like rods and reels. Even gear made by prominent businesses such as Shimano are accessible at costs that look like they are too inexpensive to be authentic. However, I’m here to tell you that they are! Following is a concise report of a piece of tackle I have found just recently on the internet: the Shimano Stradic C14 Microline fishing reel.

Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Shimano Stradic C14 CI Microline Reel

Anticipate paying around £120 for this C14 from trustworthy online vendors. This is a carbon reel that's made from a type of carbon that's 1-1/2 times stronger than the typical graphite found in other reels. In addition, the reel is 20% lighter than most competitors in its class. I really like graphite reels better for the reason that they will not rust and decompose—another thing I don’t have to be troubled about. Fishing tackle like this C14 is pleasing to me also due to the fact that is has a light weight and defined layout. This fishing reel is built with a water deterrent drag as well as a modern-style propulsion line management system.

Fishing Tackle: More About the Shimano Stradic C14 CI Reel

This one is a remarkably powerful reel that is built to clear-cut tolerances. It is equipped with Paladin gear endurance enhancement; hence, you will probably get lots of years of immaculate performance. Note too, that the reel has the Aero Wrap II oscillation feature, along with shielded A-RB ball bearings for exceptionally smooth operation and reliability. For extra strength, its spool is manufactured from aluminium, and its handle has a circular EVA grip. In comparison to other fishing tackle, I believe that this fishing reel is excellent.

Fishing Tackle: Last Impressions about the Shimano Stradic C14 CI Microline Reel

The reel’s water deterrent drag boosts my confidence if I encounter adverse weather while I am angling. I also appreciate the durable Fluidrive II gearing that delivers smooth casts and retrieves. Its Dyna-Balance front end is yet another distinctive asset of the reel, making it better than the alternative reels. This C14 is equipped with 6 + 1 bearings, and has a weight of around 170 grams. This fishing reel has a line capacity of 180 yards of 3lb test line, or 150 yards of 150 yard test line. Its gear ratio is 6.0:1. Ultimately, If you are pondering about what the "CI" in the C14's title is, it refers to "carbon infusion," and it depicts the shatterproof carbon fibre that is incorporated in the side plate, frame, and rotor.

Make sure you get a Stradic C14 fishing reel for your fishing tackle box. You'll find yourself reaching for it often.

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