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Reel Spool Penn

Coarse Fishing Tackle Report: Daiwa Caldia X 4000 Reel

Coarse fishing pertains to leisurely fishing for fish besides salmon and trout, which were looked upon in the first part of the 19th century by the affluent as sporting fish. I really don’t know when folks began pursuing coarse fishing. Many state that it was because of famine or the effect of non-natives to Europe during the years. But does anyone know the real reason? The good news is that we still love to do it; it is deemed among the best recreational sports in the world. And people do it even more now with the intervention of advanced technology being integrated into this traditional sport. Case in point, Daiwa which is a renowned industry that manufactures the most up-to-date improvements in coarse fishing tackle. Here is a bit of information on one of Daiwa’s fishing reels, the Caldia X 4000 Reel.

Major Characteristics of Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel

Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 is more highly advanced series of reels when compared to its forerunner in relation to preciseness. It was built to give the fisherman better precision and accuracy than any other kind of fishing tackle now accessible. What this means for you is that it is highly efficient, extremely durable and very powerful. A great value for you money, it is the coarse fishing tackle of choice for most match and specimen anglers and still continues to be a favourite for anglers who prefer lure and feeder methods of fishing. It has a metal body construction which makes it beautiful equipment to add to your fishing armoury.

More Facts Regarding Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel

Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel is equipped with 5 ball bearings which is CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing) and are shielded for a longer life and extra protection against salt crystals. In addition, it is equipped with Digigear, or in other words, the Digital Gear Design. It's an exterior treated drive and pinion type gear. This ensures that the Caldia X is an extra-tough and more durable piece of coarse fishing tackle that would last many years of use. Along with that, it is further equipped with a life long bail spring and also the Air Bail-a highly advanced bail made to be smooth and has no protrusions; loose line can effortlessly slide onto the line roller devoid of snares. Furthermore, the Caldia X 4000 has got an outstanding reverse taper spool which is known as Anti-Backlash System (ABS) that enables longer casting and minimal line snares. Twist Buster further reduces line twist and friction between the roller and the line. Infinite Anti Reverse limits backward motion to 0% without discharging the slack line. It also features a smooth machine cut handle for that extra power you need. There will be extra spools that come with every purchase.

Ending Remarks Regarding Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000

Over the previous years remarkable changes have emerged in the world of coarse fishing: longer summers, maturing trade fisheries and fish species growing in size and heaviness. Daiwa has noted these issues and upgraded their coarse fishing tackle designs. This is the reason that Daiwa made the Caldia X 4000 to answer the modern-day fisherman’s desires.

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