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Reel Usa Penn

Fly Fishing Tackle Assessment: The Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

I am the type of fly fisherman who won’t except anything but the finest. If I’m battling with a tough salmon or trout at the end of my line, I have to be sure that my fly fishing tackle will execute perfectly and afford me the advantage that I must have to be the victor in this battle. For that reason, I’m always scouring the local shops and especially the Internet for high-quality gear at reasonable prices. I really do have to admit, however, that I get about as much pleasure out of searching for my tackle as I do fishing with it! Naturally, as the years have gone by, I have a great collection of fishing equipment. Once and a while, an original product that has a modern design will catch my eye, and I have to purchase it. Example? The Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Main Elements of the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

For sure, the £500 cost of this reel makes it a very good venture in fly fishing tackle ,however, it is a worthy one. It includes an inventive sealed drag system which is water resistant as well as self- sustaining. The reel comes with one of the most robust and proficient drags in that has ever been engineered as well. It’s backed by the renowned fly fisherman and reel designer Ted "Tibor" Juracsik. Its modest design is really rather attractive to me. Although it doesn’t contain many components which could cause it to malfunction, it provides an effective design and sleek appearance. Its spool is entirely aerated and the frame is constructed to retain coldness. There’s also a distinctive clicker sound for both casts and retrieves. This Tibor reel has a unique mechanical clutch system that makes it quite easy to change from right- to left-hand retrieve. The spool also conforms to Tibor’s trademarked quick-change spool system that remarkably uses just a single moving part.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Additional Facts on the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

The drag system on this reel is just about faultless. It has a design meant to cause seal pressure continuously when in free spool mode; therefore it won’t ever overrun while line is being stripped. I was glad to discover that the Signature 7-8 Gold features Tibor’s ultra smooth micro grained cork that’s constantly being lubricated to deliver flawless operation. Even though the reel takes just a limited amount of upkeep, it isn’t a difficult task to perform for this reason. Every reel features an exclusive serial number which guarantees that it will be rightly classified if it does need to be serviced, and there is not much of a possibility of this happening, if you ask me. Don’t forget to get the engraving (no charge) on the nameplate, at the time you purchase this reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Closing Remarks on the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

Tibor offers a really thick neoprene case to safeguard the reel. It comes with their standard Gorilla™ handle, but a SpeedHandle™ option is available, and I strongly suggest you choose it. The reel comes in a variety of colours. I picked the custom graphite grey colour. The Tibor Signature is produced in the US and has a limited lifetime warranty.

This premium piece of fly fishing tackle is perfect for saltwater, salmon, and trout fishing. I strongly advocate it!

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