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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on January 5, 2012

Reel Very Nice Penn

Fishing Tackle Report: The Fox Santos 3200FD Sea Fishing Reel

As a devoted fisher, I am contented with any type of angling. But there is something special about launching your lure into the deep blue sea. This art is as old as human society. For ages, we have searched for food in the seas; now, many of us enjoy fishing for sport. No matter if I am boat fishing or standing on a breeze-swept seashore, I just have to be near the sea. Thus, I keep my fishing tackle all prepared for fishing, and when the season is out, I spend much time seeking new fishing supplies. Lately, I have come across a wonderful fishing reel made by Fox: the Santos 3200FD. Read on for a brief review.

Fishing Tackle: Main Characteristics of the Fox Santos 3200FD Reel

You can pay £70.00 and acquire a feature-filled fishing reel which is much better than alternate reels in its category. This 3200FD reel as a light and resilient graphite body, a fast-release spool system, and also a single and double handle. In addition, it comes with a couple of alloy extra spools (a deep one and a shallow one), at no extra expense, rendering this reel a great value. With a 5.2:1 gear ratio, this reel is equipped with a hard-wearing roller bearing plus a non-twist roller. The front drag has a grit guard, and the spools are easy to change, thanks to a one-touch button rather than the usually cumbersome screw mechanism. With 10 ball bearings along with the roller bearing, the 3200FD operates very smoothly. There's also a strong stainless shield shaft. It is also stylish in appearance. The style is backed up, though, by the power needed to battle and win against fish weighing 20 pounds or more. Even though this 3200FD has a higher weight than other ones in its category, it is ideal to employ with heavier lines.

Fishing Tackle: Further Details Regarding the 3200FD Reel

Like the other 2 reels in the Santos range, the 3200FD is machined from high quality, strong and lightweight aluminium stock. The gear train is made from stainless steel, and the reel features 8 stainless steel ball bearings. Any backlash in the gear system is totally avoided by use of an infinite anti-reverse system. There's also an extra-large line roller and thick bail arm, two components that facilitate great line management. The precision drag system is strong, yet smooth. An important part of the drag system's efficient design are the unique high-modulus, extra-large diameter carbon drag washers.

Fishing Tackle: In Regard to Fox

I was curious about the company that produces this high-quality reel, so I did a bit of research. I discovered that Fox is the biggest entrepreneur fishing tackle firm in Europe. They market their merchandise in 30 countries which includes the US and Russia. It has a large European distribution plant on the Belgium/Holland border, but Fox's headquarters is in the UK. There are more than 100 employees there.

Quality Fox fishing tackle such as the Santos 3200FD reel ought to be included in every fisherman's tackle box.

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