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Reel Very Penn

Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: The Team Daiwa X 2508 Reel

What kind of coarse fisher are you? Do you stick to what you have in coarse fishing tackle or are you always trying to find something new? Well, you can go ahead and call me a tinkerer! Actually, I am almost as contented with organising and reorganising my gear as I am with applying it. Considering that I chase after various classes of fish, I have to be all set for modification straight away. Owing to that reason, you will see various pieces of gear in my tackle box. I additionally want a dependable fishing rods and reels. Therefore, I stick with well-renowned brands and makers. One of these creators is Daiwa. Here is a concise assessment of by most cherished Daiwa reel: the Team Daiwa X 2508 model.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Main Aspects of the Team Daiwa X 2508 Reel

The price of the reel is £270.00; it is likely that you will find it on the Web for a bargain price of about £195.00 and that will be a £75.00 savings. There is a pushbutton spool on the X2508. It also has an enhanced front drag as well as a high-impact line clip. The drag is waterproof and the reel features a precisely machined spool. It has 4CRBB + 3 BB (corrosion-resistant ball bearings + standard ball bearings). This X2508 is equipped with the well-accepted Daiwa DigiGear, and also has modernised locomotive winding. It is a well-constructed item of coarse fishing tackle which gives extremely smooth casting and retrieves. Daiwa hasn’t left out anything. The reel’s handle has also been reformulated with contoured grips manufactured from high density EVA.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Other Facts Pertaining to the X 2508 Reel

This reel can be personalised with a double handle or just a single one. It is equipped with a lifetime bail spring, and also an ABS spool. ABS, by the way, is a plastic that’s 30 times more durable than other types. It is not influenced at all by different temperatures, is exceptionally defiant to chemicals, and it usually holds its shape when it is moulded. A spare spool is furnished as well. The X 2508 is designed with the sought-after Daiwa Twist Buster II facet, and also infinite anti-reverse. The reel will hold 150m of 8lb test line and has a gear ratio of 4.7:1. It has got a 9.9oz weight.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Final Thoughts on the Daiwa X 2508 Reel

Once, I had a small problem with the reel, and I contacted Daiwa. I conversed with an accommodating, congenial, and well-informed technician that worked diligently to resolve my problem. When I was done, I had a really hopeful feeling about this company having a deep loyalty to taking care of their customer’s problems, whether they are small ones or big ones. This technician told me that Daiwa keeps outdated parts for reels they no longer manufacturer for around 5 years; what this means is that when my X 2508 gets older, I can still buy parts from them and get service for years.

Daiwa items such as this X 2508 fishing reel give inexpensive and steadfast coarse fishing tackle methods.

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