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Carp Fishing Tackle Report: The Okuma Powerliner 1065 Pro Reel

Are you familiar with the fact that some Asian societies look upon the carp as sacred? Also, in many cultures, it is valued as a piscine embellishment that decorates pretty ponds and pools. Sacred or not, beautiful or not, the carp is a worthy opponent for anglers like me. I'm not sure why I prefer stalking this noble fish, but I do know when the fight's over, I'm happy to send the living animal back to its watery home. Through the years, I have amassed a lot of carp fishing tackle, some great, some not so great. When not fishing, I am a fervent shopper who is excited about using my new fishing tackle. One superb reel I definitely employ a lot is one that is built by Okuma: the Powerliner 1065 Pro model .

Carp Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Okuma Powerliner 1065 Pro Reel

You can pay £80.00 and acquire a superior item of carp fishing tackle that will not sell your short on elements. Let's cover the details: The fishing reel can hold approximately 330m of .40m line and the reel's weight is 645kg. This reel is purchased with an extra spool, a roller bearing, as well as 9 ball bearings. This roller bearing is a very well-liked facet for the reason that it is fashioned to lessen friction between the main parts of the reel—this way they can have free movement. With a roller bearing, the force of the drag while the reel spins is also lessened, which causes easier and more productive spinning. In this instance, drag isn't talking about the reel's drag feature. More precisely, this kind of drag is in reference to the force on an object that has resistance to its movement through the water.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Additional Information on the Okuma Powerliner 1065 Pro Reel

This reel features Okuma's popular (and patented) elliptical oscillation system that delivers perfect line lay. This is very beneficial if I am playing a fish from a far off distance. I have observed that this 1065 Pro performs exceedingly well when under pressure; this effects a smoother battle. The high 4.5:1 gear ratio makes it possible for quick retrieves. The reel also is equipped with a quick set one way clutch bearing. The reel has a superior grade aluminium spool along with an added spool made out of graphite. The aluminium handle folds easily, making the reel easy to stow in my tackle box or rod bag.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Ending Comments Regarding the Okuma Powerliner 1065 Pro Reel

Being the curious person I am, I began thinking about the organisation that manufactures this excellent quality fishing reel. I discovered that Okuma is as devoted to angling as I am and that they have a total commitment to manufacture modernized and amazing products. This firm retains an entire network of service shops for its manufactured items; this will assure that the company itself will handle any concern with the merchandise. Okuma fishing reels are renowned for their remarkable range of sturdy, smooth components painstakingly constructed into a compact and delicately simple style. Okuma regards its angling products as "tools to unlock endless angling experiences". It is rather lyrical, but this attitude enables the firm to design remarkably functional carp fishing tackle items that are reasonably priced. We definitely advocate it!

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