Replacement Handle Reels Penn

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Replacement Handle Reels Penn

The Pros And Cons Of CatGenie

Replace your unsightly litter box with this innovative system that mimics the look of a human commode. If you despise your cats litter box but love your cat this invention is right for you. The washable granules in this system are the main difference between it and a traditional litter box or other type of self cleaning unit. In this review, we'll be looking at some of the features of CatGenie in case you're looking for a way to replace your cat's litter box.

The main feature and probably your favorite will be that you don't have to deal with cat litter anymore. The Cat Genie replaces litter with a washable granule specifically developed for this product. These granules never need to be changed, as they are made to be washed and dried over and over again. You'll love that these granules are so sanitary and clean as well as being better for the environment since they have virtually no impact on the environment. One other benefit you might like is the fact that you no longer have need of cat litter. The one drawback to the system is that the cartridge that cleans the granules needs replacing every 120 washes.

You can easily maintain your CatGenie since the system does most of the work for you. As the system cleans the granules it's also cleaning the unit unlike your average litter box which needs to be cleaned separately. You should wipe the outside once in a while though. A maintenance cartridge will also help remove built up grime over time. Besides that you will need to clean the water sensor, which is simple, to keep it functioning properly. Overall, cleaning and maintaining the CatGenie is easy, especially compared to the alternative.

Some people find the cat genie to work perfectly while others will have issues with its operation. Many advertisements make the product appear to work perfectly but this is rarely true for many products. Some people will complain about the granules being tracked out by their cat (Just like a litter box) or blown out by the cleaning mechanisms. It's important that you know of this possibility ahead of time in case it is bothersome for you. No matter what type of cat box is used this is an issue since the cat will track it throughout the house. This is a clever idea for replacing the traditional litter box. You need to weigh the benefits of the CatGenie against the cost when you think about getting one. With the addition of this CatGenie system you'll be glad you never have to smell a cat box or scoop it's litter ever again. We have given you a few of the tools you'll need to make the decision to buy or not to buy the Cat Genie system no go out and take a look at it.

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