Replacement Handle Spinning Penn

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Replacement Handle Spinning Penn

Find Out How To Replace A Lost Passport

Even the most seasoned traveler may panic at the thought of losing a passport right before an international vacation. The US State Department recommends that any lost passport be reported as soon as possible to avoid identity theft. If travelers need an expedited replacement, they do have options to prevent the delay of their travel plans.

Form DS-64

To report lost or stolen passports, people should fill out Form DS-64. To complete the form, people must provide their personal identifying information,the book and card numbers for their passports and an account of how, where, and when the passports were lost. In addition, the form asks what actions were taken to recover the passports, if any. If owners of lost or stolen passports are not seeking new documents, they may simply mail Form DS-64 to the Department of State.

Form DS-11

Those applying for new passports should submit their DS-64, along with Form DS-11. Form DS-11 should be left unsigned and signed only in the presence of the acceptance agent. To provide proof of US citizenship, citizens will have to bring identification to the agency. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, government or military ID or a naturalization certificate. Certain secondary forms of ID may also be accepted including a social security card, an employee ID card or a letter from an identifying witness. Applicants should also be prepared to pay the accompanying fee.

Photocopies Of ID

Photocopies of identification documents must be provided. Photocopies should contain images of both the front and the back of identification documents on plain 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Images should be on only one side of the submitted page and the paper should have no images or other markings. The image may be enlarged but the image size may not be decreased.


Applicants must bring a photograph to the agency for replacement passports. The photograph should depict the applicant as he or she currently appears and should conform to the State Department's exact guidelines. Many applicants decide to use a professional photography service to assure compliance with guidelines.

In Person Or Online?

Applicants replacing lost or stolen passports must apply in person. If scheduled to travel within two weeks, people may set appointments with a regional passport office. Appointments are made using an automated process after which applicants are given an office address, appointment time and confirmation number. Applicants should bring all documentation, including a copy of their travel itinerary or e-ticket and should expect to pay the regular fee plus an additional rush fee.

Expedited Services

A private expediter will help travelers with the process of securing new passports. Before employing an expediter, applicants should make sure that the company has a working phone number and should make sure that they understand the company's rates. Additionally, applicants should browse online to see if comments have been posted about other customer experiences.

Losing passports, under some circumstances, may be frightening for travelers. However, travelers will experience no delays and will prevent identity theft by reporting the loss and replacing documentation. Travelers looking for more detailed information may utilize the State Department website or contact a close-by agency regarding their stolen or lost U S online passport. You can always get an expedited new passport.

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