Replacement Penn Spinning Reels

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Replacement Penn Spinning Reels

Where To Get An Emergency United States Passport Replacement

There are any number of reasons why you might need to get a passport replacement in a hurry. Your current one might have been lost or stolen. It may be out of date and suddenly something comes up and you need to go abroad. The early arrival of a baby overseas, a sudden family illness or bereavement or an urgent business matter. All of these are valid reasons why you may need to obtain an emergency passport replacement.

Report Lost Passport

If your passport is stolen or lost, you are required to report it right away. If you are inside the United States, you may report the loss by telephone to the US State Department on a toll-free telephone number. If you are out of the country, contact the nearest US Consulate or Embassy. After making the telephone call, you will need to complete and sign a Form DS-64 'Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport'. This form may be downloaded over the Internet or obtained from an Acceptance Facility or passport Agency.

Legal Forms

You must use black ink to fill in Form DS-64 and you must complete it legibly. Answer all questions as precisely and completely as you can. If you give false information, you may be fined or receive a custodial sentence. A different form is needed for a passport renewal application.

Online Forms

Your next task is to complete a Form DS-11, Application for an American Passport. You will find this online or obtain it from an Acceptance Facility or Passport agency. There spaces for your name, contact detail, brief physical description, job and the name of your employer or your school. You will need to give information about your parents and if you have ever been married or used a different name. You also need to say where you are going to travel,whether you have ever had a previous passport and for your emergency contact details.

Passport Agency

Do not sign Form DS-11 until you have been requested to do so by an Acceptance agent. This form cannot be sent in the mail but must be submitted in person to a passport agency or Acceptance facility. If you need to travel abroad within 2 weeks or if you need the replacement within 4 weeks in order to secure a visa from another country, you may make an apassportointment to be seen at a Regional Passport Agency.


Along with your completed but unsigned Form DS-11, you will need to show evidence to prove that you are an American citizen. This can be in the form of an old passport (provided it has not been damaged), a certified birth certificate, a Naturalization Certificate, consular report of birth overseas or a Certificate of Citizenship. A certified birth certificate will bear a multi-colored, embossed or raised seal and the Registrar's signature.


In addition to DS-11 and proof of citizenship, you must bring a current form of identification. This can be a previously, undamaged United States passport, a driver's license, government or military ID or a naturalization certificate. You will also need to bring a passport photograph, a photocopy of your current ID and the necessary processing fee.

Getting an emergency USA Passport replacement is reasonably simple. It is reassuring to know that this can be done very quickly. Once you have your new passport, it is a very good idea to take a photocopy, or at least write down the number and keep it in a safe place, just in case you need it again. Sometimes all you need is a United States online passport renewal application.

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