Replacement Power Penn

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Replacement Power Penn

How Are You Affected Should You Need Replacement U S Passports

Sometimes things happen that result in your needing a replacement passport. Perhaps yours was eaten by the dog or it was in the bag that was stolen. Perhaps it fell out of your pocket when you were in the helicopter flying over the active volcano. And now you need a replacement.

When Did You Lose It?

It isn't a terrible problem if you are not planning to go anywhere soon and you are safe at home when you discover the loss. But that isn't likely to happen. Even if you are at home, you won't have plenty of time because you probably won't discover the loss until it's almost time to leave on your long anticipated trip. In all likelihood, you will have made your reservations and bought your airline tickets and your Eurail passes and festival tickets. You will have done your shopping for travel clothes and walking shoes. You probably won't get the little books out until it's time to pack. Suddenly you discover to your dismay that they aren't where they are supposed to be. Or maybe all but one is there. You start ransacking the house in an exercise of futility. This will continue until you remember that little Rudolph took yours to school for show-and-tell and never brought it back.

Fill Out The Proper Forms

The best thing to do is hustle down to the post office or library where the passport agency or acceptance facility is located. It's probably not too far away and it should be easy to find. When you get there you will find forms DS 64 and DS 11 to fill out.

Other Required Documents

One of the docs is an application for a new passport. The other form reports that your old one is missing. You will need to have the same documents with you as the first time you applied. You will need ID, proof of citizenship and a photograph.

Expedited Processing

If you waited until dangerously close to your departure date you can request that your application be expedited. It will cost you an additional fee and you will probably also want to pay for overnight delivery service. Little emergencies like this one are nerve-wracking but don't have to prevent you from leaving as scheduled.

If Out Of The Country

If you lose your passport while traveling in another country, you should contact the nearest US consulate or embassy. You will need to fill out a new application. The consular officer will need to verify your identity and citizenship.

Other Concerns

If your documents are unavailable, the consular official can verify your identity from your answers to questions. Or they can obtain satisfactory evidence by interviewing your traveling companions. If you have no companions or they are so annoyed with you they refuse to admit they know you, your family or friends back home can identify you long distance.


Once a passport is reported as missing, it cannot be used again. An old one that is found after being reported should be sent to the Lost or Stolen Passport section of the State Department. You can request to have it back after it has been cancelled if you want to keep it for sentimental reasons.

A little luck and planning can save you the hassle and expense that result from needing replacement U S passports. Keep all identity, citizenship and travel documents together in a locked fireproof container that always stays in one place. Those same documents should be on your person when you are traveling. Keeping them in a purse or travel bag makes them too easy to steal. The same goes for a damaged United States passport.

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