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Anxiety May Be A Paxil Side Effect Like Birth Defects

Anxiety is a normal reaction that we experience once in a while. Other similar terms are worry or angst. Usually, we feel anxious when we are faced with a situation that we have no control over. It can create unpleasant feelings such as dread, worry or fear. There are many reasons why people feel anxious and one of them is medications. The antidepressant Paxil may cause anxiety where it is listed as one of its common side effects. Aside from that, Paxil belongs to SSRI antidepressants which can cause possible sexual dysfunction upon use.

When felt in excess, anxiety can turn into a disorder. Anxiety is then referred to as a general term for disorders which can cause feelings of nervousness, apprehension, fear and intense worrying. It has several specific types under it and the most common types are listed below.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive worrying over nonspecific things or events. This is chronic and recurrent. These people are seen as “worrywarts” because they have the tendency to make their worries blown out of proportion. They find it difficult to control their anxiety once it starts over unspecified things or events.


A phobia is an irrational fear to an object or a situation. Phobia may elicit similar symptoms of GAD. Unlike GAD however, the triggering factor for phobia is known and the cause is specific. The person with a specific phobia may have an unnecessary reaction to the stimuli but he/she can’t control the anxiety that results from it. There are a number of phobias that are known in the medical community. An example of one is claustrophobia which is the fear of being in a confined space.

Panic Disorder

This anxiety disorder will involve sudden and brief attacks of intense terror. Symptoms often include shaking, dizziness, confusion, nausea and breathing difficulties. Panic attacks are abrupt and may last from minutes to hours. Factors that may precipitate an attack include chronic stress and frightening experiences, but sometimes, the attack can be spontaneous.

Separation Anxiety

This is characterized by intense feelings of anxiety because the individual is separated from a person or place that he/she feels strongly secured.Separation anxiety usually involves toddlers and school-age children. This condition may be resolved over time or it might have a long term effect on the child. Some conditions including Paxil birth defects may also have a big effect on the child’s health while growing up.


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