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Side Repair Penn

A Quick Look On The Side Effects Of Stress

Do you spend too much time at work and when you finally get home you feel so tired that you go straight to bed? If you have your own family do you still have the energy to spend time with your kids and your spouse? You probably already know what I'm getting at and it's about stress. There are many negative side effects of stress that can affect both our health and social life.

Until now I have yet to encounter a positive thing out of feeling stressed. Is there any like that? I doubt it because when it comes to stress it is all about people getting fatigued and anxious with their very lives being gravely affected. And since the key to improvement is in knowing what you are up against, I have listed here some of the common ways stress affects us all. Just go see psychologists Melbourne to get professional help.

Difficulty in sleeping. It is also called sleep deprivation and it only worsens our stress because since we lack sleep, we have less energy to do our daily tasks, both in the office and at home. We also find difficulty sleeping because we are constantly worrying about something. And in most cases whatever it is that worries us is also the main reason we are feeling stressed out. But is there any good that comes out of worrying? Because if you just think about your problem all night long and not go to bed, that problem will still be there in the morning, isn't it?

Stress is fattening. There are many ways that stress can make us fat. For one, when we are stressed we lack the energy to do other stuff, particularly exercise. Although it is ironic that there are now studies that show a regular exercise can help fight off stress. Another reason why we gain weight because of it is when we are stressed we are often lonely, and when we are feeling that way usually a good way to perk us up is through eating. Chocolates, cakes, potato chips, popcorn, you name it and we have a whole list of these so called comfort foods.

You become more irritable. Often people who are suffering from stress would easily get irritated even with the most simple of things. They usually find a reason or two why they would feel irritated and thus affect their relationship with other people. When you are stressed you tend to be temperamental and thus your mood can change very quickly.

Aside from these side effects of stress there are also stress related illnesses. Among the common ones are infertility, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, ulcer, hyperthyroidism, and also tooth and gum disease. These health conditions are just another set of reasons why we need to get rid of stress the soonest time possible.

These are just some of the common side effects of stress. If you are starting to feel the early symptoms of stress, you should start calling on the counselling services Melbourne to help you with your problem the soonest time possible.

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