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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on November 7, 2011

Spare Reel Penn

Sea Fishing Tackle Review: The Shakespeare Tidewater 60 Surf Reel

When I start out with my sea fishing tackle on an excursion to one of our country's superb fishing venues, I can't help thinking how fortunate we are in the UK to have such a long and rich tradition of angling. Sometimes I feel like I am part of a multi-century old continuum of countless fishermen that have stood out on our coastline, trying to collect piscine treasures from the waters. Alright, enough lyricism! I am a passionate fisherman and am really serious about the fishing tackle I purchase. I really don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I continually try to find bargain gear to add into my tackle box. Recently, I've run across quite a nice surf reel, the Shakespeare Tidewater 60. This is what I think about it.

Important Facets of the Tidewater Surf Reel

This unique reel is part of Shakespeare's collection of saltwater-resistant front drag fishing reels. It is chocked with numerous high quality features as well as superior specifics, which includes a reinforced graphite body that resists deterioration; it also has a precision-manufactured anodised spool. I would rather have a front drag since I like for the drag control knob on the top of the spool. A front drag reel is typically much stronger than a rear drag model; this is because the gears are fewer in number and thus, the probability of malfunctioning is lessened, a great aspect! The fishing reel does have an extra spool, and also is capable of holding 130 meters of 20 lb test line.

More About the Shakespeare Tidewater 60

The Tidewater 60 has got 1 ball bearing, it has a very comfortable counterbalanced handle. Shakespeare has thought of everything -- the reel even comes with 210 metres of Stren 17 lb test monofilament line included -- which is a significant cost saving. Its gear ratio is 4.5:1. As sea fishing tackle goes, this kind of fishing reel has many advantageous aspects, this includes the smooth, multi-disc drag system as well as the manufactured and anodised aluminium spool. Its weight is roughly 550 grams. The fishing reel readily adjusts to left- or right-handed wind and I welcome this facet since I happen to be left-handed. Anticipate paying around £30.00 for this great item of fishing tackle; however, if you really look for it, you can get one online for approximately £20.00.

Regarding the Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare has been a part of the renowned Pure Fishing ever since 2007. Pure Fishing is a global company with an extensive collection of brands, including Ugly Stik, Penn, All Star Rods, Pflueger, and XTools. Pure Fishing is dedicated to meeting the needs of anglers all over the world with innovative products.

Conclusive Thoughts Concerning the Shakespeare Tidewater 60 Surf Reel

My brother, who also is my fishing partner, gave this reel a try at my request. Here are his comments: "Even though it is really an affordable fishing reel, it's got all of the necessities required for exceptional overall performance. It is well-built, and even though a little large, functions perfectly each time."

I heartily concur: This is a great piece of sea fishing tackle.

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