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Special Reel Penn

Birthday Gifts For Him: 10 Unusual Birthday Dates

Surprising your boyfriend on his birthday can be quite the challenge. Aside from unique birthday gifts for men, you want this birthday to be a day that he will never forget. Dinner and a movie - too predictable!

If you are on the hunt for fun and unexpected date ideas, you may want to try these suggestions.

1. Go tandem biking. Ride out together in a tandem bike and explore your neighborhood. Ride anywhere your pedaling takes you. You might want to go to the park and enjoy a picnic, visit the zoo or the botanical gardens and have a romantic stroll.

2. If your man is adventurous and loves the outdoors, go on an adventure date. He will enjoy zip lining, bungee jumping or rock climbing. This will definitely get him stoked. After the adrenaline rush has settled, enjoy a nice relaxing dinner by the mountains while watching the sunset together.

3. Go on an early morning picnic date. Make some sandwiches beforehand. Bring his favorite coffee blend. Gently rouse him from sleep, bring him to your rooftop and watch the sunrise while having breakfast. This is a great way to start his special day.

4. Plan a special themed dinner. Recreate Venice or Paris in your apartment. Spruce up your place to make it look like a French or Italian restaurant and cook a French or Italian full-course meal. This will allow you to showcase your culinary skills and romantic side.

5. Volunteer for meals on wheels or a soup kitchen. This is not the most romantic date but it will allow the both of you to do something for others and it will make your boyfriend's birthday more meaningful.

Challenge your boyfriend to a tournament of his favorite video game. After all, it is his birthday so he should be able to enjoy his day doing his favorite activity. It would be good to practice beforehand so that you can at least give him a challenge. The winner gets a special prize. Be sure to let him win.

7. Set up arrangements to take a cooking, dance or painting class together. This will allow you to have fun and learn new things at the same time.

8. Go kite flying. It's inexpensive but very enjoyable.

9. Arrange a play date on the playground. This will allow you to let loose your inner child. Slither down the slides, play on the see saw, run around and have an intimate talk while on the swings.

10. Conduct a treasure hunt. Prepare several clues to help him find the treasure. Have a small gift for him with the next clue at each stop. You can buy some items at the dollar store. The very last stop will be where he will find your actual birthday gift. If your boyfriend is the typical guy, he probably will want to receive the latest gadgets. Get him the latest Blackberry or iPhone.

To make the whole thing look like an actual treasure hunt, you can present the phone inside the End of Trail jewelry chest from MarqArt. He can even use this valet box to keep his other personal belongings.

If you're looking to bring some fun and unpredictability to your boyfriend's birthday, try any one of these unusual date ideas. This will be one birthday that he will remember for the rest of his life.

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