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Fishing Reels Penn

Fishing Tackle Critique: The Masterline Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Deluxe Rod

I will admit that I am totally addicted to fishing . It feels so good when I cast a bait or a lure into the water, and just wait on that initial and ever-so-slight nibble . Then, it is just a short wait until the struggle starts at full power . To me, choosing the right fishing tackle is just as vital as picking the proper fishing location . Therefore, in those sparse incidents, when I am not out fishing, I am typically searching online for discounts on fishing gear . I sit and read reviews while I wait for my order to arrive . Furthermore, I enjoy posting reviews whenever possible. That having been said, I want to give you my opinion on a fishing rod I am very fond of: the Masterline Rovex John Wilson Avon quiver deluxe rod .

Fishing Tackle: Outstanding Facets of the Masterline Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Rod

This rod has an 11 to 13 foot range. I have learned that this is a top-notch rod, and also the specifications are just right for me . I've learned that the rod is made in Jarvis Walker's factories, which is a real plus for me . Based on the legendary and best-selling John Wilson 11ft quiver system, the Masterline Rovex is true to its remarkable heritage . The rod has a dolly butt that allows it to be fished at a 13ft length . I have seen that it is suitable for many different fishing applications .

Fishing Tackle: Other Details Regarding the John Wilson Avon Quiver Rod

The John Wilson fishing rod is built with extra-high modulus carbon . The quiver system consists of two interchangeable top sections . There is one with a standard Avon tip, and one built with a quiver tip part with three push in tips. All the tips have different test curves: thus, it covers most all angling scenarios . I've found this rod to be useful in all seasons, and for all reasons, to coin a phrase . Honestly, It is similar to having 2 rods in 1; this is very space-saving in my sizeable compilation of fishing tackle. The rod is fitted with lined rings throughout, and is rated at a test curve of 1.25lb . Hence, it can handle hook links down to 1 lb without difficulty, and also reel lines up to roughly 8 lbs.

Fishing Tackle: Concluding Statement about the Masterline Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Rod

This fishing rod is incredibly multipurpose . For example, with the hollow tip fitted, it's ideal for float fishing the margins . You'll also find it works well with a pellet waggler . Just a quick change of the top section enables me to fish the method or the "tea bag" (PVA) in just a minute or two . It's multifunctional, not to mention easy to change and adapt to ! For fishing moving water, the rod is a good choice as well, especially if you like stalking roach, chub, or barbel as much as I do .

I am delighted to recommend this solid piece of fishing tackle with no hesitation .

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