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How The Ultimate WoW Guide Can Help You

The Ultimate WoW Guide is a guide for World of Warcraft which certainly deserves its name, since it covers just about every aspect of this enormously extensive game. It teaches you how to level quickly, how to make gold and how to get ready for the endgame material, whether it is PvP you want to get into all raiding or both.

It doesn't matter even if you are new to the game or you have been playing it for ages, this guide will be very helpful to you. The author has more played time in the game than just about anyone else and having spent a number of years working on his guides, he certainly knows what he's doing.

This guide is extremely effective for those who are completely new to the game, those who are coming back to the game after a long period away, and those who have been playing continuously for a long time. It has all sorts of content and doesn't just focus on one of two single parts of the game.

Ultimate WoW Guide certainly is very extensive, first teaching you the basics in the form of steps. The first step will teach you how to level your character as quickly as possible from 1 to 80. Yes, level 80. It is not like many of these other guides which only take into account the last expansion pack.

The guide is laid out in an easy to follow manner, teaching you everything you need to know about levelling to 80, and then what you need to do at the end of the game, depending on what you want to get into. Whether it is raiding or PvP, it will teach you how to gear yourself up and specify your talents in the right manner.

However, you are going to need a lot of gold to do this. You are going to need gold to buy the right sort of gear off the auction house to get ready for raiding and heroic instances. You are also going to need to get your epic flight skill and more. Not a problem.

This guide teaches you how to get gold in the best way by mastering the auction house, the best grinding spots and the routes to use when doing daily quests and the maximum level. At this point, you should be breaking and a great deal of gold if you follow the guide closely.I hope you enjoyed this review of the ultimate WOW guide.

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