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Posted in Penn Fishing Gear by Penn Fishing Gear on February 26, 2012

Used Reel Penn

Fly Fishing Tackle Review: The Airflo Enigma EM3 Reel

Just the same as numerous anglers, I am a thrifty spender. Even though I can't spend much on my gear, I do my best to rise to the challenge of having limited resources. In fact, I find it rather exhilarating to turn up a bargain that others have missed. To that end, I tirelessly scour the Internet for the best deals. I feel good about myself if I come across a low-priced and well-designed item of fly fishing tackle. This is a bit of info concerning an item I have recently found: the Airflo Enigma EM3 reel.

About the Airflo Enigma EM3 Fly Reel

This product is an excellent quality aluminium fishing reel that costs roughly 49.99. The Airflo Enigma EM3 is definitely among the most efficient fly fishing reels that can be bought at that selling price. If offers a lot of top quality elements, and is manufactured to the requirements and standards of a higher priced reel. The EM3 offers an impressive group of elements, and straight away you take notice to its large arbour style. But shortly afterwards, its finish captures your interest…

On the Subject of the Airflo EM3’s Hard-wearing Anodised Finish

This reel comes with a remarkable and highly resilient anti-flash anodised finish on its high quality aluminium casting; however, the handsome finish on the EM3 is just a start. This is why: Anodisation is an electrochemical method that solidifies aluminium, which makes it 30% harder than steel. Anodised aluminium is exceptionally long-lasting; also, it doesn’t’t flake or peel. It is absolutely not noxious and is also chemically secure.This material is also extra-smooth, nearly non-porous, and is not prone to sticking or staining. The outcome is that the EM3 is remarkably deterrent to scratching and decomposition.

More About the Airflo Enigma EM3

The EM3 has a sealed drag system that lends both smooth performance and durability. It weighs in at 150 grams; it holds 100 yards of 4 to 6 lb test line. For the reason that it is a large arbour fishing reel, it is equipped with all attendant advantages, for instance, reliable drag pressure, outstanding drag pressure control, swift line retrieval and also better line handling. Its sealed drag system is a notable improvement in fly fishing reels. It's well known that exposure to the elements quickly can compromise the integrity and performance of a reel's drag system. The outcome? The drag slips, and over time, other mechanical problems can develop. Providentially, such problems have been taken care of since the sealed drag was brought into existence; this reassures you that the reel has smooth performance and supplies great drag power.

About the Airflo Company

I have discovered that Airflo is a business that has a 45m turnover and distributes more than 1,000,000 orders each year. The business is part of the BVG Airflo Group that circulates exclusive mail order catalogues for fishing; these include Tightlines Direct, Fishtec, as well as Total Fishing Gear. Airflo is devoted to making superior supplies, and also to keeping in sync with what it calls “a continuous stream of innovation”.

The Airflo Enigma EM3 is an outstanding piece of fly fishing tackle which I love having in my tackle assortment.

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